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How to Fix Error Code 2007 in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

No, the error code wasn't born 15 years ago.

by Shawn Robinson
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Warhammer 40K: Darktide as a game might be having a great launch, though it’d be an understatement to say the technical problems are rough. Given it was released two weeks early for pre-order players, this is to be expected, though it doesn’t stop it from being frustrating to disconnect from the game entirely. One such issue that’s cropped up since the 1.0.7 update is giving some players a lot of headaches, but is related to something players have already been dealing with. Here’s how to fix error code 2007 in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

The Internal Error/Error Code 2007 in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The center of impact for error code 2007 isn’t anything specific and can happen just about any time while playing the game. It could happen in the Mourningstar, while you’re partway through a mission, or even at the end of it right before you get a reward. It’s frustrating, though some eagle-eyed players might notice this sounds very similar to the internal error players have been experiencing for the past week.

That’s because it’s just that. As of the most recent update, Fatshark changed the name of some of the error codes in the game to better help them differentiate them when fixing bugs. As part of that effort, the internal error has become error code 2007. Confusing, we know, though the fixes remain somewhat the same.

The first thing you should try, even if it’s obvious, is to run the standard troubleshooting resets. These include restarting the game, restarting your PC, and restarting your router/modem. These tend to fix a lot of errors in the game, and some of them may be remedied by the classic fixes. It’s unlikely, though, and there’s a much more likely solution you can try.

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According to some forums out in the Darktide community, one of the best fixes for this error is implementing a VPN. In case you’re not super aware of what a VPN is, it stands for Virtual Private Network and makes it so you connect from elsewhere rather than from your standard connection. You can get one through any VPN service such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, or any other brand you trust. This should help a lot.

Other than a VPN, the best thing you can do is wait. Fatshark is currently investigating the issue and should have a fix deployed sometime soon. It’s a rough thing to wait for, though hopefully, it won’t be too long.