How to Fix Connection to Matchmaker Lost in The Finals

Here's how to fix the Connection to Matchmaker Lost error in THE FINALS.

The Finals M60 Fight
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The Open Beta for The Finals is out for the public, and players are eager to try it out. However, some users are facing the Connection to Matchmaker Lost error, for which we have made a guide that will help you fix this error.

Fix Connection to Matchmaker Lost Error in The Finals

The Connection to Matchmaker Lost error occurs when your game is not connected to the matchmaking servers in the selected region. You can fix this error using these two different methods:

Change Matchmaking Region

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When you open the Play Menu, you will have access to the different game modes, where you can start searching for a match. At the bottom left of the screen, you will see the selected region and a button to change the region. Press the corresponding button, and it will take you to the settings where you can change the selected region.

Matchmaking options.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once there, change to a region different than yours and switch it back to your desired region on which you want to play. It will refresh your connection to the server.

Go back to the Play menu and start searching for a match. It will have fixed the connection loss error.

Restart Your Game

If the error still occurs even after changing the regions, restart your game. Sometimes, the connection is not made with the matchmaking servers on startup, and the obvious fix for this is to restart the game.

Even after applying these two fixes does not solve the error, the only thing you can do now is to wait for the servers to be fixed.

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