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How to Find the Long Rest Insight in Rogue Legacy 2

Sun Tower, more like, No-Fun Tower!!

by Lucas White

The Long Rest Insight is pretty hard to find! Unless you come across it by accident, of course. For this little bit of hidden boss bonus damage, you need to explore the very first room of the Sun Tower area. If you want to find it on your own, there you go! Head starts are nice. If you want the full answer, well, keep on reading and stuff.

Rogue Legacy 2 Long Rest Insight Guide

So, the Sun Tower’s first room is where you’re introduced to those weird void bouncing things. The game will point them out to you, as they’re the only way to get to the next room and properly start the dungeon/area/biome/level/whatever. You’ll have to bounce up the left wall via the spinning deathtrap gimmick to find them if you must know.

Here’s the tricky part: the breakable wall is pretty hard to spot, especially since it’s off to the right of that first void bumper thing, meaning you gotta open that wall in mid-air. Using something like the Barbarian’s shout move can eliminate the guesswork though.

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And speaking of guesswork, this first opening will take you outside the Sun Tower’s right side, where another spinning death thing is waiting for you. Kick your way up and over to a small ledge protruding from the wall. Here you’ll find the next breakable wall, which is once again hard to see here for some reason. Luckily, here’s a tip that will help you throughout the entire game:

You can spin kick off of breakable walls. Bet you never thought to try that!

So just flop around up and down the wall until you catch something and get the kick boost. Then blow that baby up and head through, and go through the door when you see the button prompt. Here you’ll see one of those floating, blue exposition orbs, a book and some junk. Talking to the orb grants you the Long Rest Insight, and a 15% damage bonus against the boss.

The book doesn’t do anything for you, but it does have more exposition for the lore sickos.

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