How to Find All Lore in Thymesia

Corvus? More like Lore-vus. Here's a guide to Thymesia's 22 Lore collectibles.

There are 22 pieces of findable “Lore” in the new Soulslike action RPG, Thymesia. While the concept of “Lore” is never actually explained, attaining it is actually quite simple, and can provide a fortune of memory shards to help upgrade Corvus’ attributes, talents, as well as the added bonus of helping players to comprehend the Thymesia’s subtle story. This guide will demonstrate locations of the hidden lore items of Hermes Kingdom, as well as where to find the two NPCs that the items must be shown to.

Thymesia’s Lore

In total there are eleven pieces of Lore in Thymesia, seven of which are attained by defeating bosses and looting their cores, while the other four are documents that can be found hidden throughout various Sub Quests and at Philosopher’s Hill, the main hub-world of Thymesia. The elven findable items are as follows:

Boss Cores

1. Odur’s Core

Defeating Odur in the first Sea of Trees level will give Corvus Odur’s Core.

2. Fool’s God’s Core

Defeating God of the Fools in Sea of Trees – God of the Fools Sub Quest will give Corvus the Fool’s God’s Core.

3. Mutated Odur’s Core

Defeating Mutated Odur in the Sea of Trees – Mutated Odur Sub Quest will give Corvus Mutated Odur’s Core.

4. The Hanged Queen’s Core

Defeating The Hanged Queen in the first Royal Garden level will give Corvus The Hanged Queen’s Core.

5. Sound of the Abyss’ Core

Defeating Sound of the Abyss in the Underground Laboratory Sub Quest will give Corvus the Sound of the Abyss’ Core.

6. Varg’s Core

Defeating Varg in the first Hermes Fortress level will give Corvus Varg’s Core.

7. Urd’s Core

Defeating Urd in Hermes Fortress – Sub Quest 1 will give Corvus Urd’s Core.

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Thymesia’s documents can be retrieved in any particular order, but for the sake of this guide, the locations of Sub Quest Lore items will be shown first, then Philosopher’s Hill’s Lore will be presented last.

8. Transformation Experiment Report 02

This document can only be found in the Sea of Trees – Sub Quest 2, which tasks players with finding Odur’s Construction Notebook. The instructions and images below will guide you to the Transformation Experiment Report 02.

When reaching the forked path with a wall adorned in candles and stairs cloaked in poison gas to the right, DON’T GO THAT WAY YET, and instead, go LEFT. Right will lead to the end of the Sub Quest, while left will lead to the Lore item.

Go up the stairs, where you will encounter a ladder. (Note: The blue glow in the picture is not the Lore item, it is a weapon shard from a fallen enemy, proceed to the ladder).

Climb the ladder, which will lead to a room with a glowing object on the table.

Inside the room, you can pick up the Transformation Experiment Report 02. Now that you have obtained the missable Lore item, you can head back down the ladder, and navigate the poison gas stairs to finish Sea of Trees – Sub Quest 2.

9. Hermes’ Answer: Formula Research

This document can only be found by completing the Royal Garden – Sub Quest 1, which requires you to find the key to the Underground Laboratory. The instructions and images below will guide you to the Lore item Hermes’ Answer: Formula Research.

The Lore item can be found behind the door to the Underground Laboratory in the Royal Garden – Sub Quest 1 at the very end of the level.

Once you use the key to open the door to the Underground Laboratory before you end the Sub Quest by talking to the spectral form of Aisemy standing next to you, make sure to interact with the glowing blue object on the ground to your left to obtain Hermes Answer: Formula Research.

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10. Hermes’ Answer: Research Notebook

Near the bench in Philosopher’s Hill, you can find a glowing blue object adjacent to the bench near a fence, this is Hermes Answer: Research Notebook. I noticed this Lore item became available after defeating Sound of the Abyss.

Pick up the item to obtain Hermes’ Answer: Research Notebook.

11. Transformation Experiment Report 01

When exiting the house at Philosopher’s Hill, there are two main archways that can be seen. Straight ahead is the archway that is meant to be accessed at the end of Thymesia, while to the RIGHT there is an archway which contains a hidden lore item.

As you enter the archway, you will see a fence blocking your path, but tucked behind the archway’s left pillar is a glowing blue Lore item, the Transformation Experiment Report 01.

By picking up the Transformation Experiment Report 01, you now have every lore item in the game, but your work is not done. Now it is time to show the lore items to the game’s two NPCs, Aisemy and Emerald.

Show Items to Aisemy

You should already know Aisemy by this point, she is the NPC who helps you to recall memories. She is the young girl found at or around Philosopher’s Hill in a red cloak.

Talk to Aisemy and choose “Show item,” and you can proceed to show her the eleven lore items. Now your Lore section in the Collection Menu should have 11 entries unless you’ve also already shown Emerald some or all of your items as well.

Show Items to Emerald

You may or may not have encountered Emerald depending on how thoroughly you explored Thymesia’s three main story locations. While Emerald can also be found in the first missions of the Sea of Trees and Hermes’ Fortress, the easiest way to find her is in the Royal Garden’s first level.

Simply follow the story path, making your way to the library with a blood-soaked floor.

Eventually, you will come to two sets of stairs and a basic enemy. Dispatch the adversary, and take the stairs to the RIGHT.

Following the right-side stairs, this is where you can find Emerald, tucked in an alcove in the library.

Speak to Emerald and choose “Show Item.” This will allow you to present the eleven Lore items to her, which she will discuss with Corvus.

Now that you have shown all the items to Aisemy and Emerald, your Lore collection will be complete, you will receive a massive windfall of 22 Collection of Memories Lv2, which can be exchanged for 11,000 memory shards, and you will earn the “Good Listener” achievement/trophy for your efforts.

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