How to Get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Get yourself a big hungry pitcher plant ASAP

There are so many Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and no shortage of ways to evolve them. But one of the most classic, traditional ways to do so is to poke them with a bit of rock that happens to have an elemental motif. To that end, here’s how to find a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Find a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With a grand total of 600 Pokemon to collect in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Teal Mask DLC included, you’re bound to stumble across a few Pokemon with a few odd leveling requirements. And if you happen to have a Weepinbell or a grass-inclined Eevee, the item you’ll need is a Leaf Stone. Which, thankfully, is pretty easy to get.

To get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to go to Delibird Presents in Mesagoza. Any of the three Mesagozas is fine, so pick your favorite or closest. I suspect the one in the west is the shortest journey.

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Once there, you’ll be able to purchase the Leaf Stone, along with all the other elemental stones, for a mere 3,000 Pokedollars!

All Pokemon That Evolve with a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

But how many of those Leaf Stones should you grab? If you’re trying to complete your Pokedex to get that Shiny Charm, you should be prepared to grab a handful of Leaf Stones. I’m including the Pokemon that are part of the Teal Mask DLC, too.

  • Eevee to Leafeon.
  • Nuzleaf to Shiftry (Teal Mask DLC).
  • Weepinbell to Victrebell (Teal Mask DLC).

It’s not a huge list! But that just means you can save your Pokedollars for more expensive items. Like the Toxic Orb, which can help set up an extremely powerful Gliscor build. And you can buy it from the same Mesagoza you got Toxic Orb in!

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