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How to Fast Forward or Rewind a CS:GO Replay

Mom... Mom! Get the camera!

by Nikola L

Not very long ago, Replays (or Demos) were the only way you could efficiently record and distribute match replays in most popular games like first-person shooters and real-time strategies. This was mainly due to the lack of powerful hardware to record videos and the lack of fast internet to distribute such big files. Replays in video games are usually small files that memorize all events that happened during a game, and they basically replicate all mouse movements and keystrokes of all players within your own game client and allow you to manipulate the timescale, pause, change your perspective, and fast forward or rewind the demo. Here’s how you can fast-forward and rewind your CS:GO demo.

How to Fast Forward or Rewind a CS:GO Demo

Once you enter your desired CS:GO Demo (Replay), you will need to open up the control menu for demos. This can be done in two ways. The first method is to press Shift + F2, and the other one is to create a keybinding that will allow you to open and close the demo controls with one button:

bind K demoui

“K” can be any button you want, but nobody really uses K in competitive matchmaking, so it probably won’t bother you.

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Reddit Post by u/yankeefeet (and his github) has more useful binds for demo viewing if you do not want to manually click everything with your mouse.

Where are Replays Saved in CS:GO?

By default, replays are stored in the following folder:

Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\replays

How to Play a Replay (Demo) in CS:GO

The command to play a replay in CS:GO is playdemo nameofthedemo. Make sure to double-check the file names in the above-listed directory. You do not need to type in the file extension.

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How to Record Your Own Demo in CS:GO

In the console, type in record desirednameofthedemo.

Be mindful that this demo will record only your PoV. Tournaments record demos differently and in these demos, you can usually change your perspective.

That’s all we’ve prepared about the demos in CS:GO. We thank you for visiting Prima Games. If you want more CS:GO content, check out our game tag below. See you soon!

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