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How to Farm Iron in Starfield

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While you make your way through Starfield, you might dabble in the realm of base-building to create your own home away from home. It’s a considerable part of the game, even if it’s tucked away in the corner somewhere for you to find. One such resource you may need for base building is Iron, which can be harder to come across if you don’t know about a particularly great method. Here’s how to farm Iron in Starfield.

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Where to Find Iron in Starfield

Starfield Asteroid Mining
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While your first instinct may be to start mining mineral deposits, similar to other minerals in Starfield, this is actually grossly inefficient. Instead, you’ll want to mine asteroids, as it’ll grant you boatloads of Iron very quickly. To do this, you’ll first want to travel to different planets until you find one with an asteroid field, no matter plentiful or semi-scarce.

Once you’re there, pick an asteroid of any size (yes, even the big ones) and begin lighting it up with your ship’s weapons. After some continuous fire, the asteroid will be destroyed, leaving behind some spare resources for you to pick up. You might find some Nickel as well, but you should find Iron in deposits of anywhere between two and a whopping 15. This changes based on the size of the asteroid, so massive asteroids will yield an equally major amount. Keep in mind that this will all be stored in your Cargo Bay, so be sure you have some free space.

What is Iron Used For in Starfield?

Starfield Long Barrel Modification
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Iron has a few select purposes in Starfield. The most practical use comes with the crafting of weapon parts, which often require Iron to be made and installed onto your weapons. You’ll also need Iron for more advanced parts in the Industrial Workbench, such as Adaptive Frames and Austenitic Manifolds. For Outpost building, you’ll use Iron for building certain Extractors, several Storage containers, and many of the workbenches, among other buildables.

If you’re on the hunt for some other resources you can find in the game, check out our guide on where to find Tetrafluorides in Starfield.

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