How to Evolve Dolliv in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Watch this spritely little sprout turn into a literal tree

Have you ever wanted a sentient tree in your Pokemon team? No, not Sudowoodo. An actual tree, with leaves and a Fire weakness and oil that it somehow secretes and will happily share with you. Then the Smoliv line offers everything you could possibly want.

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Pokemon Violet and Scarlet came in with a bang on November 18, 2022, sweeping the Game of the Year Awards in many players’ hearts. With it came many new Pokemon, including Paldea newest three-stage grass Pokemon: Smoliv. Smoliv, inspired by the Mediterranean olive trees, is a Pokemon you can encounter fairly early on. And if you’ve added it to your party, it’s likely that it wasn’t long at all before you evolved it into its adorable second stage, Dolliv.

But how do you evolve Dolliv and reach its last stage? Fortunately, we have the answer for you here.

How to Evolve Dolliv in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Whether you’ve gotten the spritely Dolliv from the wilds of Paldea or by leveling up your Smoliv, the next step is to help it reach its final evolution. Doing so is pretty straightforward. Dolliv will evolve into Arboliva, the compassionate tree Pokemon, at level 35. You can passively grind these levels out through auto-battling, but Arboliva won’t evolve unless it reaches level 35 or higher from a real battle. Or if you ply it with EXP Candies.

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If you’re hoping to skip the trouble of leveling Dolliv, you’ll be in for a different sort of grind. Arboliva can be captured but only in 5-Star Tera Raids, and the spawn rates aren’t all that common. But your best (or at least most efficient) way to find it this way is to wait in the Poke Portal to see if someone online has found one.

Good luck evolving that Dolliv, trainer!

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