How to Escape Space Combat in Starfield

Don't take too big of a fight for your ship.

Getting into space fights in Starfield is a core part of the experience, especially with how often they show up. Every few times that you Grav Jump, there’s a high chance you’ll run into a squad of hostile ships that you’ll need to deal with to go about your business. Sometimes, those enemies become too much to handle. Here’s how to escape space combat in Starfield.

How to Flee a Space Fight in Starfield

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If you find yourself biting off more than you can chew, then there’s only one way to get the hell out of dodge: Grav Jumping. If you’re in danger of dying and being forced back to the last checkpoint, or simply realized last save that the fight was too much, you’ll want to head to your star system map and select any other star system. Ideally, it’s a friendly system like Alpha Centauri or Cheyenne, but it’s up to you.

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Once you’ve started the Grav Jump process and are back in the fight, quickly use either Alt + your arrow keys or the DPad on your controller to quickly assign as many points away from other systems and to GRV as soon as possible. The more points you assign to the system, the faster you can Grav Jump. Just try not to take points away from your Shield since that might be the only thing stopping you from being killed first.

When you’ve assigned the points, run evasive maneuvers to buy as much time as you can, and you’ll eventually Grav Jump away. Going by Starfield’s usual logic, you should be safe and sound afterward.

How Do You Improve Your Chances in Dogfights in Starfield?

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If you aren’t too interested in escaping every fight you find in Starfield, there are a few areas of your ship you should focus on for upgrades. Your main weapons (excluding missiles) should be your first choice since the fewer enemies you have to deal with, the better. After that, shields should get a boost so you can take more hits before your precious ship parts start getting banged up. Lastly should be those engines, so you can maneuver around just a little faster.

If you don’t want to spend Credits or have the best stuff possible, then levels in the Piloting, Starship Design, and ship weapon-related skills should help you dish more damage and ensure you’re running the best ship possible.

If you’re just getting started with ship improvements, check out our guide on how to upgrade your ship in Starfield.

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