How to End Warmup in CS:GO

You feel you're warmed up already?

Warmup in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches you host can sometimes be annoying and too long when you just want to play out and enjoy the game. Thankfully, there are ways to end the warmup period prematurely and commence the match, cutting the waiting. Here’s how to end warmup in CS:GO.

How to Stop Warmup in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you want to stop the warmup in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will need to use console commands. If you have not enabled the developer console in your CS:GO yet, head to How to Enable and Open Console in CS:GO for everything you need to know.

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When the console is opened up, input the following code:


If you are up to editing your autoexec.cfg and config.cfg files, you may permanently stop future warmups with the following command that you can paste into your files (and save afterward):

mp_warmuptime “0”

If you happen to be an admin on a server, you will need to use the “rcon” (remote console) command:

rcon mp_warmuptime “0”

You can also “time” the warmup end so that it happens when a sufficient amount of players join your server with the following command (x is the number of players set as a threshold):

mp_endwarmup_player_count x

If you are running an offline match with bots, a separate command is necessary to stop the warmup:

mp_do_warmup_offline 0

If you just want to set a specific time for the warmup, use this:

mp_warmuptime 10

That’s all there is to these commands related to Warmup in CS:GO. If you need any further help with the game, visit our CS:GO game tag for more guides and articles.

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