How to Easily Get Point Blank Kills in MW3

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Point Blank Kills MW3
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One of the worst camo challenges in MW2 tasked players with earning Point Blank kills and they have made their way into MW3 through the Zombies mode. They sound simple enough, but point blanks are notorious for a reason. Here is how you can earn them.

How to Get Point Blank Kills in MW3

To get Point Blank kills, your barrel needs to be almost directly next to the enemy. Even if it seems like you’re in a close-quarters position, most of the time, it’s not close enough. In my experience, you need to be borderline barrel-stuffing an enemy player or a zombie for the point-blank to count. Otherwise, the kills are just close quarters.

Point Blank Kills
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Nearly all Point Blank camo challenges will occur in the MW3 Zombies mode. I tried to get some of them out of the way with the Sidewinder, and even after a full match where I thought I was getting tons of close kills, I ended up with eight in total. My biggest issue was using third person. For this challenge, I highly recommend staying in first person so you can accurately gauge distance.

ADS also won’t be a major help here, so if you jump into a match for Point Blank kills alone, I suggest using a hipfire or Tac-Stance build. Each weapon has at least five different slots that help with hipfire and Tac-Stance accuracy. This will save you tons of ammo and frustration in close quarters.

If you’re doing these challenges in MW3 Zombies, then prepare for at least 250 kills each time. It seems like a ton of time, but it will likely take you about 20 minutes without abusing the extraction zones on the map.

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