How to Easily Get Longshot Kills in MW3

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Last year, Longshot Kills were some of the most tiresome challenges in Call of Duty, and they have returned for some more camos in Modern Warfare 3. While they won’t appear as often, they are still a pain to earn. I have some tips to make them easier.

How to Get Longshots in Modern Warfare 3

The best way to get Longshot Kills in MW3 is to play a mode like Hardcore Domination and continue to matchmake for maps like Wasteland. Hardcore modes are the best for longshot challenges because you only need half the bullets or less to land a kill. In a game where there is 150 health, some weapons might even need 6 bullets for a distance shot in a core mode.

Domination typically allows for the most chaos, which is why I like to queue the mode for Longshot Kills. I can watch spawns and create my own lines of sight that don’t rely entirely on the objective. Mix Domination with the Hardcore playlist and you have the best possible recipe to get the easy distance kills you need.

Playing maps like Wasteland and Quarry are always going to be the best for Longshot Kills in Modern Warfare 3. However, almost every map in the game has some long sight lines that go well beyond 50 meters. The only map you might want to skip is Rust. Scrapyard and Skidrow are also tougher for distance shots, but even they have some opportunities.

Ground War is your last decent method for Longshot Kills in MW3. The maps are massive and there are tons of players to shoot at when compared to the standard 6v6 modes. Just remember that you can’t rely on the Hardcore damage, so earning the kills themselves will feel more difficult.

With longshots out of the way, check out my guide on how to get kills while in Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3.

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