How to Earn More Timewarped Badges in WoW

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WoW’s Turbulent Timeways event is under way, with five weeks straight of Timewalking dungeons from various expansions. It’s a great time to level alts, with a stacking experience buff of up to 30% additional experience gained for completing 4 dungeons consecutively. But it’s also a good time to stock up on Timewarped Badges, the currency that can only be obtained from Timewalking dungeons, and can only be spent at the vendor associated with that week’s expansion. So how do we get more of them?

Timewarped Badge Farming in WoW

The Turbulent Timeways event is a great way to easily get well over 2500 badges with two simple steps:

Complete the associated Timewalking quest each week for an easy 500 badges

The first time you clear a Timewalking dungeon of a given expansion (which will be changing every Tuesday), you’ll be granted an item that gives a quest. The only step of the quest is to seek out the associated Timewalking vendor, and you’ll instantly be given 500 Timewarped Badges. Since there are five weeks of Timewalking, that’s 2500 badges over the course of the next month or so.

Answer the Call to Arms for bonus badges.

Typically, completing a Timewalking dungeon only grants 10 badges, but if there’s a Call to Arms (denoted in the LFG menu with a golden icon on the role of DPS, Tank, or Healer) you’ll be given 50 badges. Trying to squeeze these in when it’s convenient is an excellent way to up your badge gains and buy those heirloom upgrades or mounts you’ve been eyeing.

Of course, if you’re leveling an alt character that can tank or heal, you’ll probably be choosing those roles for faster queue times anyway, so it’s just an added bonus that you’ll be receiving five times the badges in return. For a full breakdown of the event, including rewards, check out our Turbulent Timeways guide!

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