How to Do Fortnite Festival XP Glitch

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Fortnite Festival
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Fortnite has just begun a new season with Chapter 5 Season 1, and have added a few new game modes with LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing. Glitches sometimes happens when new features are introduced with each season, and this one can give out free XP for playing Fortnite Festival.

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How to Do the Fortnite Festival Jam Stage XP Glitch

The process for the Jam Stage XP glitch is not overly complicated but will require some time, the Jam Stage for 20 minutes quest, and at least one friend to do this. Your friend should already be in a game with the Fortnite Festival Jam Stage mode, not the Main Stage that will let players essentially play Rock Band.

Join your friend’s session already in progress and hop up onto one of the stages. Use the Emote menu to start playing a song, and then you can let the game sit for 20 minutes. This will complete the “Play on the Jam Stage for 20 minutes” quest and you will earn one complete level.

Return to the lobby and you will receive the notification for completing the quest and earning one level. Join that same friend’s session in progress again, and then leave the game after loading into the Jam Stage area. Nothing needs to be done in the game, just join and leave.

The game will grant you another free XP level, and this process of joining your friend’s game and then leaving can be repeated as many times as possible seemingly. It is important to note that this glitch is absolutely unintended, as the quest is only supposed to be completed once, and players should heed caution for abusing the glitch.

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