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How to Disable Easy Anti Cheat for Elden Ring

by Aidan O'Brien

Easy Anti Cheat might help to keep you safe from hackers when playing Elden Ring online, but if you wish to use many of the game’s mods, you will need to disable the service. Before you do, remember that you will not be able to play online without Easy Anti Cheat running.

To disable Easy Anti Cheat, follow the below steps:

  • Open Steam and go Elden Ring in the library
  • Right-click, then select Properties
  • Choose the Local Files option
  • Select the Browse option
  • In the Elden Ring/Game folder, you will find a .exe called start_protected_game
  • Rename this .exe to something that you will remember, such as adding _orig to the end
  • Make a copy of the elden_ring.exe
  • Rename it start_protect_game.exe
  • Launch the game through Steam

And that is it, Easy Anti Cheat is now disabled, and you can switch back to the original .exes whenever you wish to play online. Make sure you do not try to go online with EAC disabled, or you could find yourself being banned from the game, or potentially from Steam.

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