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How to Defeat Titan in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

Bow down, overdweller.

It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without Summons, and in FF7 Rebirth, they’re a force to be reckoned with. The first Summon to challenge is the almighty Eikon of earthen rage, Titan, who provides a weighty challenge to those unprepared. Here’s how to defeat Titan in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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How to Beat Titan on Full Might in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

The key to defeating Titan starts with preparation, and you’ll want to ensure your party is equipped with all the available tools to exploit his weaknesses. Titan is agile, incredibly durable, and capable of delivering devastating blows that can quickly knock out a party member caught in his wrath.

Luckily, applying pressure to Titan is much easier than you may think and is a surefire way to topple this giant successfully. First, let’s go over your party formation and materia setup.

Best Party Formation for Titan in FF7 Rebirth

To defeat Titan, you’ll want a party capable of delivering burst damage on a whim and sustained damage when necessary. You’ll also want a supportive healer in the group, as you’ll very likely suffer from unavoidable damage throughout the fight. I would highly recommend using Cloud, Barret, and Aerith.

  • Cloud – When you need burst damage, Cloud is your man. His Focused Thrust skill will work wonders when Titan is pressured, and his Cross Slash limit break deals incredible damage in a pinch. Cloud is also very agile and capable of dodging Titan’s unblockable attacks easily.
  • Barret – At certain times, you’ll need Barret’s sustained damage to deal with Titan, as some of his attacks can be interrupted when he’s dealt constant damage. Use Maximum Fury when Titan channels Boulder Hurl.
  • Aerith – Great as both a healer and a spellcaster, Aerith is the perfect support character for this fight. Use Prayer and her Healing Wind limit break as needed, and use Arcane Ward with Aero to shatter Titan’s guard.

Recommended Materia to Use for Titan in FF7 Rebirth

As stated above, exploiting Titan’s weaknesses is the key to victory, and our goal is to apply pressure and stagger him as much as possible in this fight. With the right materia at hand, you’ll bring him to his knees with ease.

  • Wind Magic – As Titan is weak to Wind magic, having at least one character with Wind is an absolute must, however, two characters that can cast Aero is even better. I would recommend equipping Wind to Aerith and pairing it with her Arcane Ward for dualcasting.
  • Precision Defense Focus – You’ll be doing a lot of blocking in this fight, but you’ll do even better once you master the perfect parry. Equip this to Cloud as you’ll likely be controlling him for the majority of the fight.
  • Prayer – Aerith has Prayer equipped by default, and she should use it whenever the party needs their health topped off. Remember, Prayer costs 2 ATB charges, so plan accordingly.
  • Healing Magic – Having Cure at your disposal is a must when Aerith’s Prayer won’t do the trick. Equip this on Cloud as you’ll often have plenty of ATB charges to spare with him.
  • Chocobo and Moogle Summon – As Titan is weak to Wind, the Chocobo and Moogle summon is perfect for this fight. Use the Chocobo Kick skill to apply more Wind damage when available.

How to Deal with Titan’s Moveset in FF7 Rebirth

Titan has a wide arsenal of moves to use against you, but thankfully, most of them can be dealt with without suffering any damage at all.

Practice the Perfect Parry

Parrying is an essential skill to master for this fight, as all but three of Titan’s attacks can be negated by perfect parrying. This includes all projectiles, stomps, and even his Mountain Crusher skill. This is where the Precision Defense Focus materia shines, as you’ll be able to easily parry the majority of what Titan can dish out.

Additionally, performing perfect parries will rapidly build Titan’s stagger meter and your own Limit Break gauge, which will prove extremely useful throughout the fight.

Dodge the Unblockables

Titan has two unblockable attacks that can be exploited to apply pressure to him. Both of them must be dodged, so it’s recommended to control Cloud for these moments.

  • Sling – Titan will attempt to grab you and slam you on the ground, causing considerable damage. Dodge away from him to avoid, or try dodging behind him to counter-attack, which will pressure him.
  • Thwack – Titan will charge directly at you very quickly. To avoid this, dodge to the left or right after a very brief delay. This will cause him to hit the wall of the arena, instantly pressuring him.

Earthen Aegis

When Titan reaches around 50% remaining health, he will cast Earthen Aegis on himself, providing a shield that must be destroyed to continue dealing damage to him. At this point, Titan will begin using abilities that deal massive damage, so you’ll want to destroy Earthen Aegis as quickly as possible.

Use Aero and any other Wind-related skills on Earthen Aegis to knock out chunks of its health. Once the Earthen Aegis is destroyed, Titan will be momentarily dazed and put in the Pressured state, leading to an almost guaranteed opening for Staggering.

Granite Shell

During Earthen Aegis, Titan will begin casting Granite Shell, and will slam his left hand into the ground while charging it up. If this attack isn’t dealt with, a party member will be encased in a rock formation and slammed by Titan, where they’ll suffer heavy damage.

Immediately target Titan’s left hand and deal as much burst damage as possible. Make sure all three of your characters are using their most powerful single-target skills and spells on the hand. If you’re short on ATB charges and can’t use your skills, use Cloud or Barret’s Limit Break on the hand to instantly break it.

Earthen Fury

If Titan isn’t staggered quickly enough, he will begin casting Earthen Fury. This is his ultimate move which is completely unavoidable and will deal incredibly massive damage to the entire party. If your party’s health pool isn’t above 60%-70%, this move can easily wipe the group.

The only way to interrupt Earthen Fury is to Stagger Titan. However, if he isn’t close to being Staggered, healing through it is the only option you have. Save Aerith’s Prayer skill and Healing Wind Limit Break for this moment. If your health pool is low before the move is executed, immediately heal up. If your health pool is high enough to survive the move, use Healing Wind immediately after.

How to Make Titan Easier Using Divine Intel Sanctuaries

Titan’s power can be reduced by finding and scanning the Divine Intel Sanctuaries located around the Grasslands Region. There are three total Sanctuaries around the map, and each one assessed will offer a lower-difficulty version of the fight with Titan.

Note: You can still challenge Titan in Full Might difficulty at any time; scanning the Divine Intels only adds more difficulty options to choose from.

Locations of Titan Divine Intel Sanctuaries

The locations of the three Divine Intel Sanctuaries can be seen on the maps below. Remember, you can attack the summoning stones you find outside to reveal the path towards the nearest sanctuary.

  • Divine Intel 1 – Located on the far northeastern side of the Grasslands region. Follow the path down towards the coastline to find the cave.
  • Divine Intel 2 – Located near the Swamp on the southwest side of the Grasslands region. Enter the Swamp and paddle to the west to find a large brick wall. Climb the wall to find the cave.
  • Divine Intel 3 – Located in the western plateau area of the Grasslands region. Behind and southwest of the industrial warehouse where you first encounter Kyrie.

Once you’ve bested Titan, his summoning materia will be yours to use. For help on other encounters, check out our guide on how to defeat the Warlock Captain in Fort Condor in FF7 Rebirth.

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