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How to Cut Power to Control Panels in Fortnite

by Nikola Pajtic

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2 is full of challenging quests and tasks. Finding the three control panels in Command Cavern and cutting power is just one of them. They are well hidden, but this guide will help you find them in the ventilation systems in the Command Cavern and teach you how to cut power to control panels in Fortnite.

How to Cut Power in Control Panels in Fortnite

Cutting power in Command Cavern is a part of a weekly challenge that awards a large amount of XP, which further helps players to unlock the new Battle Pass rewards. This one is part of Week 10’s challenges, but before you are even able to start, you are tasked with collecting Doomsday control keys and patch The Imagined into a loudspeaker.

Once you have done these two missions, head to Command Cavern in search of the control panels.

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The easiest way to enter is through the southern entrance as you will quickly reach the control panels.

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Fortnite Command Cavern Control Panel Location #1

Once you enter the cavern through the southern entrance, make sure to use the staircase in front of you to go up. Then, you will need to enter the ventilation system found on the right-hand wall.

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Now, crawl through the vents until you reach the hidden room with the control panel. It is located alongside a bathtub full of rubber ducks and a gold llama head mounted on the wall. Since there is no interaction prompt, use your harvesting tool or another weapon to destroy the panel.

Fortnite Command Cavern Control Panel Location #2

Once you have destroyed the first panel, return to the entrance of the Command Cavern. Now, head to the left of the staircase to reach the second control panel and then go through the first door on the left.

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Notice the vent in the back of the room. Enter it, go through that, and then open the vent on the left to find it.

Fortnite Command Cavern Control Panel Location #3

You are just one control panel away from completing the Resistance Quest. For you to locate the third control panel, go through the main entrance, and reach the center of Command Cavern. Then go up the flight of stairs directly in front of you and look for a vent on the east side.

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Follow the path and then open the vent located on your left side. This will take you to the area where several computer desks are set up and the last Fortnite Control Panel.

Destroy it like the previous ones and you will receive a 23,000 XP boost, vital for leveling up in the Battle Pass and receiving further rewards.