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How to Convert CSGO to Overwatch 2 Sensitivity Guide

I guess you could say this is a sensitive subject for some players.

by Shawn Robinson
CSGO and Overwatch 2

The first-person shooter landscape only gets bigger by the day, and the new Overwatch 2 adds yet another edition to that ever-growing industry. With endless amounts of players ready to jump in and immerse themselves in their plays as a hamster in a giant ball, there are also plenty of players looking to rise up the leaderboards and hit that coveted top 500 rank. One portion of that playerbase comes from the likes of CSGO, and as such, may want to convert that sensitivity to Overwatch 2 to feel some sense of consistency between playing both. Here’s how to convert your CSGO sensitivity to Overwatch 2.

How to Bring Your CSGO Sensitivity to Overwatch 2

The system for converting your sensitivity is surprisingly simple and requires very little math. First things first head to’s mouse sensitivity calculator. Once on this page, it’ll display two games along with their conversion rate on sensitivity. In the future, you can go here and change from a wide variety of games to see their conversion rates.

For this guide though, change the first game to CSGO and the second game to Overwatch 2. Once done, it’ll give you the option to select your in-game sensitivity for CSGO and will show the conversion on the Overwatch 2 box for the same purpose. While it’ll list the conversion being 0.3 to 1 for CSGO to Overwatch 2, this is wrong and should correct itself once you edit the first box. As one example, having a sensitivity of 5 in CSGO will mean your sensitivity in Overwatch 2 should be 5.94 (rounded off).

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Once you have the number, simply put it into Overwatch 2 and it should feel close if not exactly how CSGO’s sensitivity feels. Thanks to differing engines and ways of aiming, chances are it won’t be 100% perfect. Getting it close though should be good enough, and you can always tweak it should something feel just slightly off.