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How to Complete the There is Nothing But the Abyss Penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Nothing but darkness and all your health back.

The Zealot class in Warhammer 40K: Darktide is all about embracing pain and slaughter in the name of the glorious God-Emperor, and its penances reflect that naturally. Completing missions quickly with extreme damage taken and going melee only for a whole mission are just two examples of this being pushed forward. Another penance adds to this but is a lot more fun by comparison. Here’s how to complete the There is Nothing But the Abyss penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

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How to Finish There is Nothing But the Abyss in Darktide

According to the in-game description, this penance asks you to heal to full health with life gained solely from the Holy Revenant feat after it triggers, all on difficulty four, Heresy. This mainly relates to the Zealot Preacher’s Until Death passive, which allows it to survive for a short time after taking fatal damage. This makes this challenge incredibly situational, but it also comes with a few ways for you to trigger it more easily.

Given the description of the Holy Revenant Feat, which allows you to heal when dealing damage in Until Death’s window, melee damage doubles the healing received. Normally we’d suggest running a high-cleave melee weapon, though, given the Devil’s Claw Sword and both the Heavy Swords aren’t in a great spot as of writing, you may just want to stick with another of the Zealot’s options. Our favorites for a challenge like this would be one of the many Axes, though preferably not the Chainaxe since we don’t want single-target damage so heavily focused.

You’re also going to need a feat build that will benefit quick slaughtering, for which we suggest the following feats:

  • Level 5: Enemies Within, Enemies Without
  • Level 10: Retribution
  • Level 15: Inspiring Excoriation
  • Level 20: Holy Revenant
  • Level 25: Honour the Martyr
  • Level 30: Purge the Wicked

This feat build capitalizes on the need for being at low health by providing serious buffs towards your attack speed. We’ve also chosen Purge the Wicked due to your ultimate’s bonuses on use. These will be necessary to get enough kills to complete the challenge. You could swap level 25’s Honour the Martyr with Rising Conviction if you so wish, but we feel Honour the Martyr will be better for some more immediate damage.

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And that’s about all. The only other thing you should likely do is jump into a mission with Endless Horde, as the extra hordes will grant you more chances to increase your health. Employing everything else should grant you the There is Nothing But the Abyss penance in Darktide!

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