How to Complete the Thank You Next Challenge in BitLife

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BitLife Thank You Next challenge
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While last week’s BitLife challenge was dedicated to dog lovers, this one turns the tables as we live the life of a famous singer with multiple cats. Here’s how to complete the Thank You, Next Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Thank You, Next Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the tasks you must finish for the Thank You, Next challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female in Florida
  • Go out with 5+ different people in secondary school
  • Break off 3+ different engagements
  • Divorce 2+ different spouses
  • Adopt 5+ cats after your second divorce

For this specific challenge, you’ll want to finish every task step-by-step. Fortunately, although a famous singer inspired this challenge, you’re not required to have the musician special career pack to finish it.

Be Born a Female in Florida

To begin this challenge, create a new character whose starting gender is female and whose starting country is the United States. Choose cities like Miami, Tampa, or Orlando when picking your place. It doesn’t matter which of these three you select; they’re all Florida cities.

Go Out With People in Secondary School

The next part of this challenge is to date at least five people during your character’s secondary school years. High school lasts four years, so you’ll want to average one to two partners each year.

The catch? You must date your classmates. When I first attempted this challenge, I got my character to date five random people, which didn’t knock out the task. Once I switched over to asking out classmates, I finished the objective after her fifth partner.

Break Off Different Engagements

After you graduate from secondary school, it’s time to find more partners. Like before, start dating some people and improve your relationship until one of you proposes. Accept the proposal before canceling the engagement and breaking up with your partner before rinsing and repeating the process twice.

Make sure you wait to complete the weddings; that’ll be for the next task.

Divorce Spouses and Adopting Cats

Once you break off three engagements, it’s time to have some weddings. Repeat the steps above, but instead of cancelling your engagement, go through with the wedding and officially get married to your partner. Afterwards, divorce them and repeat it to knock out the fourth task.

After your second divorce, it’s time to adopt some cats. To do this, head into Activities, pick Pets, and look for five cats in the animal shelter. If you don’t see five right away, adopt any currently there and age up before rechecking the list. Continue this until you get five cats and finish the Thank You, Next Challenge in BitLife!

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