How to Complete the Team Star Tutor Quest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk

Where's that Team Star flair?!

Let’s not forget our old friends just because we’re in a new school! Here’s how to complete the Team Star Tutoring quest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk.

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How to Complete the Team Star Tutor Quest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk

The Blueberry Academy crew might all be well and good, but let’s not forget the friends we made in Paldea. Friends that happen to really be struggling academically.

To unlock this quest, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Complete the main game
  • Watch Penny’s Post-Game scene at the academy by going into the lobby of the academy. Interact with Penny, who is spying on Giacomo and Ortega.
  • Complete one optional class up to the final exam.
  • Clear the Indigo Disk DLC

Once you have that done, you’re ready to tackle this quest!

Head to your Paldea Academy and enter from the main entrance. Take a left at the front desk and you’ll see Giacomo and Eri standing in front of a bookshelf, talking. They’re almost unrecognizable without their trademark outfits.

Speak to them, and they’ll ask for your help in tutoring Ortega, Atticus, and Mela. Agree and they’ll take you to the classroom. You’ll get a cut scene where you speak to Ortega and Atticus, but Mela is missing.

To find Mela, open the school map by leaving the room. Scroll all the way bottom and select Schoolyard.

Once you load in, turn left and head to the far corner. There, you’ll see a vegetable patch and Mela, staring at them rather forlornly. Once you speak to her, she’ll return to the classroom.

Once you have all your students in attendance, you can start the tutoring session.

All Team Star Tutor Answers

Ortega, Atticus, and Mela are each struggling with their unique problems. You’ll need to answer correctly to help them pass.

Ortega’s Problem and Answer.

  • This is a problem involving reading comprehension, and what Mama Maushold means when she says, “Toying with my feelings right to the end… You really are a terrible thing.”
  • The answer is: She must really love him.

Atticus’ Problem and Answer.

  • Atticus’ problem is that he doesn’t understand the point of math.
  • The answer is: No, you’ll need numbers.

Mela’s Problem and Answer.

Mela will ask you four questions. The first two are class problems, and the two that follow it are personal. The answers are:

  • That’s false.
  • Tera Jewel.
  • Like, our future goals?
  • You have your art, don’t you?

All Team Star Tutor Quest Rewards

If you’ve answered their questions successfully, Eri will hand you an entire treasure trove of rewards. These rewards are:

  • Modified Uniform A (shorts)
  • Modified Uniform B (pants)
  • Team Star Helmet
  • Team Star Sunglasses
  • Team Star Gloves
  • Team Star Heels
  • Hasta La Vistar Emote
  • Gold Bottle cap (only if you answered each question correctly)
    • If you answer a question wrong, you’ll get a hold item.
  • Atticus will open a unique clothing stall in the Auction House in Porto Marinada

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