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How to Complete the On Overwatch Achievement in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

No, not that Overwatch.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide has plenty of achievements and penances available so far, and most of them are quite challenging. On the one hand, you have to unlock your first Curio, which is as easy as reaching level 8 with a character. On the other, you have to complete 10 missions in a row without being downed a single time, which takes a ton of determination (and probably an Ogryn). One achievement for the Veteran Sharpshooter can be on the challenging side, though we’re here to help. Here’s how to complete the On Overwatch achievement/penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

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How to Finish the On Overwatch Penance in Darktide

First things first, we suggest taking a lot of time to level your Veteran before you bother attempting this. This is one of their harder achievements to complete, so it’s going to take a lot of limit testing and understanding what you can and can’t do before going for it. Frankly, we’d suggest waiting until reaching the max level of 30, though if that’s what you want to do, be ready for a real challenge.

Once you’re ready to attempt it, do your best to get both an Ogryn and a Zealot in the party. Taking no melee damage means a beefy frontline is a must since entering melee range is just asking to need a restart. Because of this, we’d suggest running a safer melee designed for cleaving such as the later Mk VII Devil’s Claw sword or the Power Sword. Along with that, you may want to toss in an automatic rifle that is acceptable for clearing hordes. The more time spent clearing out hordes with your ranged weapon, the lower chance you have of taking damage.

Beyond loadout choice, there’s a solid build of feats that can help ensure you don’t die to ranged fire either. Our favorite build for this is as follows.

  • Level 5: At Arm’s Length
  • Level 10: Sniper
  • Level 15: Covering Fire
  • Level 20: Duck and Dive/Camo Expert
  • Level 25: One After Another
  • Level 30: Counterfire

While we’d never recommend this exact build in any other scenario, this build focuses on strengthening your ranged damage while also making your allies much stronger. You need them to be strong as well if you want them to deal with melee-range enemies for you. There’s a little bit of flexibility here and there, but you’re mainly looking to do as much ranged damage as possible without being at risk of being immediately slaughtered.

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When it comes to playstyle, it goes without saying that you’ll need to play backline but not so far as to leave your flank exposed. Enemies can come when you least expect them, so be ready with some stamina just in case. You’ll also need to ensure that your aim is up to par. Always be cautious of the suppressed debuff as it always will harm you more than you think it will. As such, playing around cover can be another great option. Keep trying with all this in mind, and with some immense practice, you should manage to complete the On Overwatch achievement in Darktide. Good luck!

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