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How to Complete Stargazer in Destiny 2

Turns out the Vex aren't above grave robbing

by Daphne Fama

In order to restore the memorial for the passed Cloudstriders, we need to “vibe” with their memories and who they were. And so begins the first of several quests. Here’s how to complete Stargazer in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Stargazer in Destiny 2

Stargazer, once known as Laminak Li, was an explorer mathematician. And to get to know them, we’ll need to “witness grand events” and “recover lost treasure”. Sounds good to me. So, let’s get into it.

Step 1: Loot the Terminal Overload Reward Chest

Loot the Terminal Overload reward chest at the end of the activity.

You’ve likely noticed there is almost always a Terminal Overload event happening in the combat zones of Neomuna. These long, drawn out affairs involve taking down some tough Cabal and Vex. But it’s worth it, because if you manage to complete all three stages you’ll get the chance to loot two chests: one available to all people and one that requires a Terminal Overload Key.

To get a Terminal Overlaod Key, you’ll need to complete Patrols, Public Events, open chests, and complete Vendor bounties after you’ve gotten Nimbus up to level 13. But getting one isn’t necessary: you can just collect the normal chest and continue to step two.

Step 2: Defeat the Vex Hydra

Defeat the Vex Hydra in Esi Terminal to obtain a high-security passcode.

For some reason, Quinn really wants a high-security passcode. To get to Esi Terminal, we’ll need to get to Zephyr Concourse, then head to the turnstiles on the east side Zephyr Concourse’s map. Jump the turnstiles and follow the yellow corridor.

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When it opens up you’ll be in Esi Terminal. Turn right, and you’ll see some Vex on the stairs. Kill them and slowly work your way past the Cyclops. The Vex Hydra will be hiding in the corner behind a Wyvern, a hoard of Goblin, and a Minotaur. You’ll have to kill its bodyguards to take it down.

Once you do, you’ll get the passcode.

Step 3: Obtain a Terminal Overload Key

Obtain a Terminal Overload Key by completing public events, looting chests, or completing patrols.

Oh hey! Wasn’t I just talking about this? Head to your favorite combat zone and grind out either patrols, chests, or Public Events. Whatever floats your boat. Eventually, one of those things will drop a key.

Though, I did grind through quite a few Patrols and several Public Events without any luck. I theorize chests, in combination with Patrols, might be the best method to find an Override Key. Chests are fairly common in Neomuna, and with the Treasure Hunter Ghost mod you can do circuits around the city and find several very quickly. But again, select your favorite method.

Step 4: Terminal Overload Key Chest opened

Use a key to open a Terminal Overload Key Chest.

Now, we need to find another Overload event. All you need to do is complete it and open the chest that requires the Overload Key.

Step 5: Return to the Hall of Heroes

Return to the Hall of Heroes to repair Stargazer’s memorial.

Once you’ve opened the Overload chest, you’ll be given a prompt to return to the Hall of Heroes. Looks like we’ve resonated enough with Stargazer! Approach their memorial. It will repair itself.

Step 6: Return to Quinn

Return to Quinn to discuss the next steps.

Speak to Quinn to let her know the good news. For your effort, she’ll give you a Power Engram that will decrypt into a Neomuna Weapon. And that puts us one step closer to unlocking the Exotic Glaive quest!

While you’re zooming around Neomuna, why not do the Exotic Quest for Deterministic Chaos? Check out our guide here.

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