How to Complete Runaway in Starfield

Winning over dads with one glass of whiskey at a time

It’s the classic case of a child running away from their abusive parent, only to be relentlessly pursued through the stars by bounty hunters. Poor Rivkah. Fortunately, we can help her in a few different ways. Here’s how to complete Runaway in Starfield.

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Starfield: How to Complete Runaway

Speak to Rivkah either in the main mining area within Cydonia or in the dorms to start this quest. By speaking to her, you’ll learn that her father was abusive for years, and eventually, she knocked him out, stole his ship, and fled into space. She’s now in Cydonia, where she’s gotten a bad case of lung rot from the work. But she can’t go to the doctor because the moment she does, she’ll appear on the registers, giving away her position to her father, Natan.

To that end, she asks you to convince her father to stop chasing after her. Here’s how we can help her.

To complete Runaway in Starfield, you’ll need to:

  • Speak to the bartender in Cydonia to purchase a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey OR
  • Steal a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey from Governor Hurst’s office
  • Make your way to Hotel Volii on Neon
  • Speak to the receptionist at Hotel Volii
  • Speak to her again to learn what room Natan is in
  • Persuade, talk to, or attack Natan
  • Return to Rivkah to claim your reward

Getting the bottle of whiskey is straightforward. Head up to the main floor of Cydonia, where you can leave to access your ship. This thoroughfare has access to both options.

How to Get the Bottle of Red Harvest Reserve for the Runaway Quest in Starfield

To get the whiskey from the bartender, head to the Broken Spear bar, which is right beside the entrance and exit of Cydonia.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You can then speak to the bartender, Jack, to purchase it. If you pass a Persuasion check, you can buy it for the discounted price of 600 credits. Note, you’ll need to get at least eight points to pass.

If that sounds tedious or expensive, head over to Hurst’s office to steal it.

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you replaced Governor Hurst with CDM Woodard by exposing his corruption, Woodard will be there instead. But the environment will otherwise be the same. Governor Woodard / Hurst’s office will be down the hall from Cydonia’s entrance to the far right, just past the Trade Authority.

The bottle of Red Harvest Reserve will be immediately across from where you enter, on a side table against the wall.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The problem? Hurst or Woodard will probably be at their desk, and the bottle is in plain sight. You can wait for the governor to walk away to snag it.

Getting to Hotel Volii in Neon in Starfield

If you haven’t discovered Neon yet, enter your ship. Then head to Olympus if you’ve unlocked that planet. Jump to it, then open your Star Menu and select Volii Alpha. Jump to this location, and you’ll be scanned.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Once you’re scanned, open up your Missions Menu, select Runaway, and press “Set Course.” You’ll automatically be sent to Neon.

When you’ve landed, exit the ship and head straight, following the path beneath the Neon “Neon” sign. You’ll reach an elevator at the end, which will take you into the city.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Almost immediately upon entering Neon, you’ll see a dragon billboard. Turn right at this billboard, and Hotel Volii will be in front of you and slightly to the right. It will be just past Reliant Medical.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Finding Out Natan’s Room in Hotel Volii in Starfield

This next step is here to test you on your ability to pass the small talk check. Yes, it took me ages to figure that out. Here’s how to find out his location.

Speak to the receptionist, Minerva, at the front desk. Tell her, “I’m not concerned about the price.” Next, select “That must have taken a miracle to arrange.”

She’ll give you another spiel, and you can tell her you have a bottle of Red Harvest Whiskey for Natan, sent by his daughter. She’ll be delighted and tell you that Natan’s room is on the third floor.

Head there, and Natan will open the door. You’ll then have three options.

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Should You Persuade, Talk to, or Kill Natan in Runaway, Starfield?

Screenshots by Prima Games

So, this conversation can go down one of three ways.

If you persuade Natan:

If you have the option to persuade, you can convince Natan to reconcile with his daughter. He’ll agree to do so, pulling back his bounty hunters and promising to do whatever it takes to make it up to Rivkah. But to succeed, you’ll need to get at least 8 Persuasion points.

If you talk to Natan:

If you speak to Natan normally, he’ll refuse to see reason and remain set on finding and bringing Rivkah to justice. Nothing changes, essentially.

If you attack Natan:

Killing Natan is pretty easy. You can then loot his body and tell Rivkah that no one will be coming after her anymore.

Return to Rikvah for Your Rewards

Whatever path you take, return to Rivkah on Cydonia, Mars, to receive your reward. I found her in the central mining area, immediately straight from Cydonia’s entrance.

  • Reward for successfully persuading Rikvah’s father: 2,500 Credits. Sarah will approve. Rivkah will be happy.
  • Reward for talking to Rikvah’s father: 1,300 credits. Sarah will like that.
  • Reward for attacking and killing Rikvah’s father: 1,300 credits. Sarah will dislike that. Rikvah will be conflicted but seems the most unhappy with this result.

One woman’s life forever changed, for better or worse. But what if I told you that’s not all there is to do in Cydonia? In fact, there’s a quest that can net you an easy 12,000 credits.

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