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How to Complete Overwatch 2 ‘Role Mastery’ Challenge

How to master each role effectively.

by Shawn Robinson

Each week, a set of new weekly challenges becomes available in Overwatch 2. These range from quick and easy to long and tedious, but each awards a staggering amount of battle pass XP once completed. Five times the 1000 you get for each daily challenge. Some are a little obscure, as is one of the role-based challenges. Here’s how to complete the Role Mastery challenge in Overwatch 2.

How to Keep Track of the Role Mastery Challenge in Overwatch 2

The description of the challenge is quite straightforward. Role Mastery asks that you win three games as each of the three roles in either Quick or Competitive Play. That’s nine wins total throughout the week, with three on tank, three on support, and three on damage. This makes it a good challenge to get when completing other challenges, such as winning 15 games in Unranked or Competitive Play.

What’s obscure about the challenge is how you track the wins. Unfortunately, there’s no way to track the wins you get on each role and which still need to be completed. You’ll need to do that by either keeping a mental note or writing it down somewhere. That’s naturally frustrating, but until Blizzard implements a way to track it, it’s your only option.

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Provided you keep track of it one way or another and ensure you have at least three wins on each role at the end of the week, that sweet 5000 battle pass XP should be yours. You’ll also be one-half of a level closer to that sweet Junker Queen mythic skin, alongside everything else like Ramattra at level 45. Just be sure to get those wins quickly, as you don’t have a huge amount of time to secure them.

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