How to Complete ‘Message in a Bottle’ in Dead Island 2

Be careful who you review for.

You will come across the Message in a Bottle side quest in Dead Island 2 when you’ve reached the Santa Monica Pier area closer to the end of the game. You might miss this side quest the first time you end up here, but if you’ve stumbled across it, let’s chat about how to complete it.

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How to Complete ‘Message in a Bottle’ in Dead Island 2

To complete the Message in a Bottle side quest, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Discover the message in a bottle on the beach near the waterline
  • Follow the note to the Bucket o’ Fish restaurant and discover the first critic review
  • Head over to the Pier Grill and find the next review hidden behind the helicopter on the table
  • Make your way to the Hot Dog Stand on the other side of the pier.
  • Confront the Food Critic and defeat them

Now let’s break each one down step by step so you can find each location. Below you can find the location of the message in a bottle and where to start this side quest:

Now that you’ve unlocked the side quest, the first place you’re going to want to head to is the Bucket o’ Fish restaurant; we have the location for you below. Just head to the opposite side of the pier from the entrance, and you’ll find the Bucket o’ Fish standing tall. Use the door on the right-hand side to enter and go into the basement.

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Now you will want to head to the Pier Grill, which luckily is right next to the Bucket o’ Fish. The map below shows the Pier Grill just right of your current location. You’ll then find the review tucked away in the outdoor seating area near the helicopter.

Pick up the review and head to the leftmost side of the pier. This is where you will find the hot dog stand and your final encounter with the food critic A.R Oliver. Defeat them and pick up the final review to complete this side quest and earn your experience. We recommend just using Fury mode to burn the boss down; you’ll rip them to shreds in no time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Message in a Bottle side quest in Dead Island 2. Check out all of our other helpful guides on the game. Here’s how to earn cash fast, which you will certainly need.

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