How to Complete Bug Buster (Chapter 5) in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

How to find the hidden Novistadores in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

Arguably the most challenging Merchant Requests in the newly released Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC are the Bug Buster side missions, which task Ada with killing three camouflaged Novistadores hidden in sprawling locations in the game. Here is the location of every hidden Novistador during the Chapter 5 Bug Buster mission in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways.

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Bug Buster Locations in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

The Bug Buster request can be found at the Path of Penitence, where the Merchant is stationed. It is highly recommended to bring along the Biosensor Scope if you found it in Gregorio’s Waterway earlier in the fifth chapter.

Screenshot by Prima Games
Lever location
Screenshot by Prima Games

To find the Novistadores, you must first interact with the lever that activates the machinery blocking the way forward. The machinery will begin to move up and down, opening paths for Ada to proceed. Be careful, as the machines can crush Ada if you don’t notice their patterns closely.

Novistador #1

Map of Novistador
Screenshot by Prima Games

The first Novistador can be found when passing through the first machinery obstacle, as pictured on the map above.

Ada shooting the creature on the ceiling
Screenshot by Prima Games

The creature is hidden on the ceiling, camouflaged. Unlike previous Novistadores you have encountered in Resident Evil 4, these variations only have to be shot once.

Novistador #2

cave exit
Screenshot by Prima Games

After continuing along to the story path to the nearby cliffs from the Path of Penitence, don’t go outside yet. Before you head out of the cavern into the open area, turn around, as there is a Novistador above you.

Map for Novistador 2
Screenshot by Prima Games

The exact location of the second Novistador can be seen on the map image above.

Another creature on the ceiling
Screenshot by Prima Games

On the ceiling directly near the cliff exit, the second Novistador is sneakily hidden in the cave on the ceiling, shoot it, then turn around and proceed toward the cliffs to find the last bug.

Novistador #3

the grapple location to avoid.
Screenshot by Prima Games

After fighting through a large group of Ganados, Separate Ways’ story tasks players with following Krauser and using the grappling hook to reach the roof of the Ancient Chantry, but DON’T USE THE GRAPPLE GUN OR YOU WILL FAIL BUG BUSTER. Instead, look out to the left from the location you are supposed to ascend upwards from.

Novistador location 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Peering out toward the chasm below and the surrounding buildings, the final Novistador can be seen directly across from Ada’s location in the map image above.

creature on the building
Screenshot by Prima Games

Shoot the camouflaged Novistador that is perched on the nearby wall to the right on the Ancient Chantry, which will finish the Bug Buster request.

Bug Buster mission complete screen
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you return to the Merchant, Ada will receive Spinel x8 for her insect extermination efforts, completing Bug Buster.

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