How to Complete Bad Signal Mission in MW3 Zombies

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MW3 Zombies Bad Signal
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Bad Signal is the first Act 4 mission in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and was added post-launch alongside the start of Season 1. It has players entering new territory in the mode and fighting a similar, yet more difficult foe.

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How to Find Bad Signal Mission in MW3 Zombies

First, the Bad Signal mission is available to all players regardless of previous progress. Players can simply equip the mission under Act 4 at the Zombies main menu.

Like previous story missions, players will have to go to the Bad Signal icon on the map to start the mission. It is near the middle of the map and marked by a triangular rift beneath a dark windstorm. One person can activate it, and the other teammates will have to vote Yes to begin the mission.

How to Complete Bad Signal Mission in MW3 Zombies

The rift will transport players to the enclosed, spooky map of the Dark Aether filled with Tier 2 zombies and special zombies. Players will need at least a level 2 Pack-a-Punched weapon, multiple perks, a Self-Revive-item, and armor plates to make this mission easier. Teammates would also be preferable.

The map will have four seals, which are altars marked by yellow tags on the UI, that must be activated. Travel to each of the four seals, interact with them, and then kill zombies within the zone to fill up the meter and complete each one.

Doing so will trigger the boss fight on the beach at southern part of the map. It is a giant worm called Gorm’gant, and must be defeated to finish the mission. Gorm’gant is similar to the Orcus fight in the Act 3 story finale with plenty of the same attacks.

Shoot the glowing purple spots on its body to damage it, and watch out for its laser and slam attacks. It will burrow underneath and throw players into the air, so make sure to parachute if caught. The worm will also occasionally spawn flying purple orbs that should be shot immediately, or will continue to damage you.

Depleting its health bar will defeat it, and players can grab the Locked Diary from the Reward Rift. Extract through the triangular rift to complete the mission. Players will also receive 10,000 XP and the So Many Teeth Charm as well.

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