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How to Change Trailblazer Type in Honkai Star Rail

All paths in the crossroad are yours to walk

by Patrick Souza
Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Type

Being the main character always has its perks. In Honkai: Star Rail, one of them is walking on multiple Paths at once. After reaching a certain point in the story, the Trailblazer is able to change their element and role at will. This basically turns them into a jack-of-all-trades character useful for various situations, and you’re able to do this very easily as long as you’re not in battle. Here’s how to change Trailblazer types in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Change Trailblazer Type in Honkai: Star Rail

The Trailblazer starts off as a Physical Destruction character, but you’re able to change its Element/Path after completing the “Roads to the Past Have Long Been Closed” Level 24 Trailblaze Mission in Jarilo-VI and unlocking the Fire Trailblaze of the Preservation Path. After beating Cocolia, the “Switch” option should be available next to the Trailblazer’s Light Cone in the menu.

Here you can freely change between your desired Trailblazer type. Destruction is a Physical DPS, while Protection is a Fire Tank, so change it according to your current team’s needs. These are currently the only Trailblazers available, and more will arrive as the game progresses through the Trailblaze Missions.

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Despite being the same person, different Trailblazers types are treated as different characters entirely, so you’ll need to unlock new Eidolons and level up new Talents to use them effectively. Make sure to change their equipment and Light Cone to fit their new role whenever you change between them too.

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Which Trailblazer Type Should You Use?

It all depends on your current team, as there are situations where Physical is preferred over Fire and vice-versa. The Forgotten Hall is a good example of that. But you might wanna stick with the Fire Trailblazer in general since its Taunt is a valuable Skill to have. Fire Trailblazer, in general, is comparable to Gepard, a 5-star character, when it comes to damage mitigation. Gepard’s shields are definitely stronger, but having a character that does the same thing for free is amazing.

All of their Eidolons are obtained for free (as in no Warps needed) at some point in the game, so make them a priority since those extra passives are extremely powerful additions for these various archetypes. Don’t forget to grind those regional coins!

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