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How to Cap FPS in CS:GO


by Nikola L

While a big portion of the FPS players is trying to increase their FPS and remove the limit, there are the ones who for one reason or the other, must cap it, whether it’s about personal preference or hardware limitation. Today, you will learn how to cap FPS in CS:GO so that it does not go over the FPS limit that you have imposed on your CS:GO client. You’ve come to the right place; Prima Games will show you how to quickly cap your FPS in CS:GO

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There are two ways for this to be done. The first method is prior to the launch of CS:GO on your PC. You need to right-click the CS:GO from your Steam Library, then go to the Properties, and find Launch options within that Properties menu in the General Section. Check the screenshot below:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

In that field, paste the following command:

+fps_max X +cl_showfps 1 +net_graph 1

“X” is the FPS (Frames-per-Second) value that you want to put as the limit. Below 60 is not recommended. You should aim to have the FPS match the Hz (Refresh Rate) of your monitor. These are usually 60, 75, 120, 144, or 240, depending on the make and model (Google it by googling the make and model). If your hardware cannot accomplish this limit that you’ve set and maintain the FPS at a desired level, try reducing the graphics settings, including the resolution.

cl_showfps 1 is the command that allows you to see your FPS in the corner of the screen. The net_graph 1 command allows you to see that, and some other network shenanigans.

An alternate way of capping your FPS is to open your console and type in fps_max followed by the value you want to put.

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How to Uncap FPS in CS:GO

Ctrl+Z. Just kidding.

In order to Uncap FPS in CS:GO, you need to set the “fps_max” command to 0, whether it’s in launch settings or the in-game console.

That’s all for this guide, everyone. Make sure to check our related tag under the article for more great CS:GO content here at Prima Games. See you soon!

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