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How to Add a Friend on Valorant

by Nicholas Barth

The Valorant closed beta is currently underway, and plenty of players have been experiencing everything that the new first-person shooter from Riot Games has to offer. Competitive multiplayer games are always more friends when you are playing with people you know. That is why there is no surprise that there are players who have recently gained access to the Valorant closed beta is trying to figure out how to add a friend and play together. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to knowing how to add a friend in the game covered for you.

How to Add a Friend on Valorant

Now, players who are trying to add a friend will need to look to the right side of their screen when they are at the main menu of the tactical shooter. You will then find an icon of a person with a plus sign attached to it at the very bottom of the column that has the Play Now button on the top of it. Click on this icon. A new window will appear that will allow you to enter the Riot ID and tagline of the friend you would like to add. You can find an example of what this looks like in the closed beta below:

How to Add a Friend on Valorant

The Riot ID is the actual name of someone in the game, while the tagline is the set of numbers following it that you will see in the title. Enter both of these and then click the plus sign to send a request to your friend. Once they accept this request, you will officially add them to your friend’s list and be able to play together. 

Players who have not made a Riot Games account before playing the Valorant closed beta will have to create an account, which is where they get this information needed above. League of Legends players can use their Riot ID and tagline from playing the MOBA when they gain access to the closed beta. 

Players can only play with up to four friends if they are playing public matches, as the team limit is five players. However, you can play with up to nine other players if you are playing a private game with there being two teams of five need to be filled for a full lobby in a private match, so there are options when it comes to playing with a large group of friends in the first-person shooter. 

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Players are sure to have much more fun if they add a friend or two on Valorant and do their best to win their matches together in exciting fashion. Let us know how it goes over on Facebook and Twitter!

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