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How to Tame Wolves in Atlas

by Larryn Bell

Wolves are dangerous creatures to come across in Atlas, particularly if you are unprepared. They move fast and have a powerful bite, which makes them one of the more difficult predators to tame. We’ll explain how you can tame a wolf in Atlas so that you can benefit from having these tough hunters at your side. 

How to Tame Wolves in Atlas

Before you set out to try capturing a wolf in Atlas, you will first need to build a taming pen that you can use to trap the animal during the taming process. This may not be very easy to do early on, but as long as you put a few skill points into Construction, you should be able to set up a taming pen relatively easily. Check out our guide on how to build a taming pen in Atlas to get this step out of the way.

Next, you will need to gather some food that you can use to feed and tame your wolf once you capture it. You should be able to collect leftover bones from animal carcasses you come across throughout the land. The bones will be used to tame the wolf, while the meat allows you to continue feeding the wolf to prevent its taming meter from going down.

Lastly, you’re going to need to craft yourself a few Bolas. These are used to trap the wolf and prevent it from escaping during the taming process. You can make Bolas at a Loom. 

Atlas how to tame a wolf with bolas

With all of the taming materials in place, all you have to do now is find a wolf to tame and lure it into your taming pen. When you find a wolf, get its attention so that it will chase you all the way back to your taming pen. Once you reach the pen, enter through the gateway and exit through the back door. With any luck, the wolf should now be enclosed in the pen. 

The goal now is to injure the wolf by attacking it through the windows of your taming pen until the wolf’s health reaches 20%. This will allow you to use one of the Bolas you crafted earlier to knock down the beast. Now, put the bones you gathered into the last slot on your hotbar and begin feeding the bones to the wolf. You should see its taming meter go up. 

The Bolas will only stay secured temporarily, so be ready to wrangle the wolf with another set of Bolas if this happens during taming. Keep feeding bones to the wolf and repeat the process as necessary until its taming meter is full and you are able to name it. Once the wolf has a name, you can free it from the enclosure. Congrats!

Once you have tamed a wolf in Atlas, you must remember to feed it regularly so that it doesn’t become un-tamed. Tamed wolves make for great hunting companions and can even be used as mounts if you have unlocked the Riding skills. Check out some of our other Atlas guides for more gameplay tips.

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