How to Take Care of Your Horse in Red Dead Redemption

Keep your horse alive in Red Dead Redemption, and it'll take care of you.

While getting around on foot and using fast travel is a good way to get around in Red Dead Redemption, chances are you’ll want to call on a horse. They’re much faster, and when you’re running away from enemies or trying to race to your next mission, they can do you a world of good. There are a few horse tips to keep in mind when play Red Dead Redemption.

First, if you end up on foot and lose track of your horse, you can usually let out a whistle and call your faithful steed back to you in Red Dead Redemption, without having to double back. This saves you precious time when trying to reach the next place on the map.

Second, a horse can only take so much damage before it decides you’re not worth the ride and bucks you off – just as a real horse would. You can see hints that you’re pushing it too far when you try to buck it for greater speed, like seeing its stamina bar reach its limit, hearing some distressing neighs and feeling vibrations on the controller indicating it won’t take much else from you. Push a little, not a lot.

Finally, take the time to purchase a few apples from the general store in each of the cities. These will assist your horse in regaining stamina faster (without being annoyed by your bucking), allowing you to maintain full speed. It’s helpful when you’re in the middle of pursuits, or trying to get from point to point.

Good luck! Remember, your horse is counting on you.

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