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How to Switch Classes in Trials of Mana

by Thomas Wilde

You can choose from among a variety of protagonists in Trials of Mana, Square Enix’s 3D remake of the never-before-localized Seiken Densetsu 3, but all of them will want to pursue a different class sooner or later. Here’s how to change things up for your heroes and let them explore a different career in the exciting field of beating up monsters.

How to Switch Classes in Trials of Mana

The first thing you’re going to need here is a Mana Stone. I mean, obviously.

Once you’ve found a Mana Stone, which happens regularly across the course of the game, you’ll also need your character to be at least level 18. At that point, you can swap over to a second class. A third class becomes available at level 38, although you’ll also need a special item to make the swap. To obtain class items, you can find ??? Seeds throughout the game and plant them in flower pots. (You can also unlock a special fourth and final class option by finishing the game, which combines the virtues of a character’s Light or Dark 3rd classes. This is specifically relegated to post-game content, and we’re still figuring it out at time of writing. It’d feel incomplete if we didn’t acknowledge it was there, though.)

By switching your class, you change your character’s planned progression, which lets them learn new spells and Class Strikes and changes how you play them in the course of a battle. You can customize each member of your party according to what you need, and how you prefer to play the game.

Each character in Trials of Mana begins as a member of a specific class; Duran is a Warrior, Angela is a Magician, and so on. After the switch, you can have your character pursue a Light or Dark route, which is broadly definable as a choice between pursuing a defensive or offensive path. Light classes seem to specialize in healing, buff spells, and force multiplication, while Dark classes have a focus on debuffs and direct damage. This doesn’t mean that a Light-focused character can’t back up their end of a battle, or that a Dark-focused character is automatically a “glass cannon” archetype, but it’s a useful enough shorthand.

You will eventually reach a point in the story at which you can’t access the Mana Stones anymore. However, you can still switch classes at any time by returning to the Sanctuary of Mana.

Here’s how each character can progress over the course of Trials of Mana:

Duran’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Knight (Light)

Paladin (Light/Light)


Gladiator (Dark)

Liege (Light/Dark)


Duelist (Dark/Dark)


Edelfrei (Dark/Light)

Angela’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Sorceress (Light)

Grand Diviner (Light/Light)


Mysticist (Dark)

Archmage (Light/Dark)


Magus (Dark/Dark)


Rune Seer (Dark/Light)

Charlotte’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Priestess (Light)

High Cleric (Light/Light)


Enchantress (Dark)

Sage (Light/Dark)


Necromancer (Dark/Dark)


Warlock (Dark/Light)

Riesz’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Valkyrie (Light)

Vanadis (Light/Light)


Rune Maiden (Dark)

Starlancer (Light/Dark)


Dragon Master (Dark/Dark)


Fenrir Knight (Dark/Light)

Kevin’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Monk (Light)

Divine Fist (Light/Light)


Brawler (Dark)

Warrior Monk (Light/Dark)


Fatal Fist (Dark/Dark)


Enlightened (Dark/Light)

Hawkeye’s Classes

Starting Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Ranger (Light)

Nomad (Light/Light)


Ninja (Dark)

Rogue (Light/Dark)


Nightblade (Dark/Dark)


Ninja Master (Dark/Light)

Trials of Mana is a brand-new game, with lots to discover and explore. If you haven’t picked it up yet, try killing some time with some other recent hits that we’ve covered on the site:

This is another big weekend for video game fans in what’s already proven to be a dynamite month overall, with Trials of Mana launching alongside the highly-anticipated XCOM: Chimera Squad. Which are you planning to play this weekend? Check in on the subject with us via Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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