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How to Survive in DayZ Standalone

by Prima Games Staff

Even though DayZ Standalone is still in its alpha build, the game has already sold more copies than some fully completed titles. While there are many great players out there, one of our favorites is one of the most famous. With more than 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, FRANKIEonPCin1080p is our go-to source for survival — and etiquette — in DayZ.

Recently, while watching one of his adventures in the danger-filled world, Frankie dropped 12 tips to help people stay alive and on the move. Check out what he came up with below.

Rules of DayZ

  • To be killed on sight, you must be in sight.
  • Saying “friendly” does not make other people friendly.
  • Look unimportant, bandits may be low on ammo.
  • If it looks like it’s going to break your leg, it will break your leg.
  • Always take people’s pants, they may be hiding a pistol.
  • Gunfights in pine trees are never a good idea.
  • Nobody in Cherno is friendly.
  • Not everyone who kills you is a hacker.
  • Everyone punches like Mike Tyson.
  • You will never find food when you need food.
  • Ladders are not your friend.
  • Never trust anyone but your friends and Frankie!

If you would like to see Frankie in action, check out the embedded video below. For the full experience, watch it in 1080p.