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How to Stop the Blue Shell in Mario Kart 8

by Prima Games Staff

Everyone who plays Nintendo’s Mario Kart games fears the spiny Blue Shell of doom. This dastardly item automatically targets the player in first place, delivering a powerful blow that may cost him or her the race. We don’t know exact numbers, but this sucker has at least a 99.9 percent chance of hitting you; some odds, right?

That is, until now.

Meet the Super Horn, one of the new pick-ups in Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. Once acquired, you can use its one time sonic blast to knock out rivals, destroy red/green shells and most importantly, dispose of the Blue Shell. From what we’ve heard, the Super Horn is rare, but wow, this completely turns the tables. See it in action at the 40 second mark.

What do you think of the super horn? Savior? Unwanted menace? Let us know!

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