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How to Spin & Curve the Ball In Mario Golf Super Rush

by Jesse Vitelli

Mario Golf Super Rush released today and plenty of new players will be hopping into golf a solid 18 holes. There’s a lot under the surface on how to make sure you use the best shots to get under par. Here is how to spin and curve the ball in Mario Golf Super Rush.

How to Spin & Curve the Ball In Mario Golf Super Rush

At the start of your turn, you’ll hit the A button to start the meter for your shot. Click A again to set the power of your shot based on how far or short you want the ball to go. If you want to put topspin on the shot double-tap A instead of just hitting it once.

If you want to add a backspin, instead of hitting A to select the power of your shot simply hit B instead.  

If you think you need an extra powerful backspin on the ball you can double-tap B to add super backspin to the ball. While using backspin is tricky to master, it’s great to use if you overpower your shot and need to reel it in a bit. 

Topspin is great to use if you need a little extra oomph in your shot, but don’t want to waste one of your special shots.

How to Add Curve

Now, if you need to add a curve to your shot, which will allow your ball to move left or right through the air, you’ll need to use the left stick. 

Push the left stick either right or left before the club hits the ball to add a curve to the ball. This is great for getting around sand traps, water, or other absurd obstacles on the course. 

Learn to use these tactics to your advantage to run the golf course. For more tips and tricks in Mario Golf Super Rush be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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