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How to Solve Mary-Ann’s Door Puzzle in Tell Me Why

by Morgan Shaver

Tell Me Why has a few puzzles to solve as you unravel the story of twins Alyson and Tyler and the events that happened while growing up in Delos Crossing.

While many of the puzzles in Tell Me Why are straightforward and easy to solve, there’s a puzzle on Mary-Ann’s door that has to be solved before Alyson and Tyler can find out what’s on the other side.

This door puzzle is tricky if you don’t know where the puzzle’s solution lies. To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide that’ll walk you through Mary-Ann’s door puzzle in Tell Me Why.

How to Solve Mary-Ann’s Door Puzzle in Tell Me Why

As you work your way through Tell Me Why, you’ll discover new memories and clues that help Alyson and Tyler remember and piece together their childhood. Many of these memories center around their mother, Mary-Ann. 

One of these puzzles comes up during the first chapter of Tell Me Why in the form of a door with three dials on it. Each dial has a number of animal options that you can select.

By selecting the right animals in the correct order, you’ll be able to unlock the door and see what Mary-Ann has hidden on the other side.

To find the answer to Mary-Ann’s door puzzle, you’ll need to open up the Book of Goblins and read one of the stories inside called The Princess’s Party.

By reading the story and following the Princess as she works to uncover who gave her three unique presents, she’ll slowly discover the animals who contributed each gift.

The animals who gave her these gifts include a moose, bear, and pelican. It’s a fun story to read on its own, but it’s useful in that it gives you the exact answer to Mary-Ann’s door puzzle.

To open the door, you’ll need to use the dials and line up the moose, bear, and pelican in that order from left to right.

When done correctly, you’ll be able to open the door and see what’s on the other side. Again, Mary-Ann’s door puzzle can be solved by reading The Princess’s Party inside the Book of Goblins.

The Princess’s Party mentions three animals that correspond with the solution to the door puzzle – moose, bear, and pelican.

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