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How to Sign Up for Minecraft Earth Beta

by Nicholas Barth

Minecraft Earth will be the title that brings the fan-favorite franchise to the world of Augmented Reality, and the title’s Beta is currently available for some members of the community to experience for the first time. If you are curious about jumping into the Minecraft Earth Beta, check out everything you need to know to do so below. 

How to Sign Up for Minecraft Earth Beta

The Minecraft Earth Beta is currently only available for players in the Seattle and London areas. However, expect to see more areas receive access to the test going forward. To play, players will need a mobile device that can run at least Android 7 or iOS10. Interested individuals can sign up for access to the Minecraft Earth Beta on the game’s official website. Players will be asked to provide their Microsoft or Xbox Live account, app store log-in, and answers to some questions to complete their registration for the test. 

Unfortunately for younger members of the game’s community, you must be at least 18-years-old to officially sign up.

How to Sign Up for Minecraft Earth Beta

 Those who officially sign up will be rewarded with a free skin for the game and the Bedrock Edition. 

With the franchise already possessing a large amount of popularity, and the Augmented Reality genre having already been pushed into the limelight thanks to the likes of Pokemon Go, it is safe to assume that there will be many players looking to get their hands on the Minecraft Earth Beta. 

While there is no guarantee that you will be approved for access to the Minecraft Earth Beta, your best bet to be one of the first people to play the new Augmented Reality experience is to sign up, wait for that highly anticipated approval message, and download the title when you are first able to do so. 

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