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How to Sign-Up and Get Into the Destiny Beta

by Prima Games Staff

With the Destiny beta only about a week away, gamers are scrambling to gain early access to one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year. While only one method out there is a guarantee, we figured it might be beneficial to put some helpful hints and tips down for those who have yet to find success. Of course, we can’t make any promises.

The first and only 100 percent effective way into the beta is to drop down a pre-order. Head over to the Destiny Beta Website, then complete the following four steps. If you’re having trouble, try switching up the edition you’re attempting to pre-order. Often times retailers will only have one or two options available.

  • Select a Platform
  • Select a Region
  • Select an Edition
  • Select a Retailer

While you’re on that page, you might also notice that there is an option to Redeem Code. Of course, you must have a code to redeem, and they aren’t exactly laying around for just anyone to pick up.

In this case, your best bet it to start hitting up Twitter. There are several gaming companies out there who were given beta codes to distribute as they see fit. While we don’t want to play favorites by only listing a couple, you might want to search for #DestinyBeta in order to track a few of them down. You could also try following Destiny The Game, or even Bungie, as they will almost certainly be giving codes away to their fans.

For more news and information on Destiny, make sure to stay close to Prima Games. We’ll be covering the game extensively throughout the beta and beyond its launch later this fall.

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