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How to Score Goals in FIFA 16

by Prima Games Staff

There’s little room for error in FIFA 16. Unlike American football and basketball video games, you can’t necessarily rely on a Hail Mary play or offensive burst to dig your team out of trouble, which is why one scoring chance is critical. Match up against a skilled opponent and you better make the most of the lone breakaway or corner kick. With this in mind, we’ll tell you how to score more goals in EA Sports’ FIFA 16. 

In this year’s game, the developers improved near-post and far-post finishing. Whenever you see one of your players entering the box at an angle, aim the shot toward the nearest post; when entering from a direct angle, either foot can get the job done. When you do this with the analog stick, hit the shoot button but pay close attention to the power meter, since you don’t want it higher than two and a half bars. 

Make sure to under power shots on goal instead of going with too much power.  Why? An underpowered shot increases the likelihood of taking a shot on goal, which forces the keeper to make the save. Should the ball rebound off his body or the goal post, you may have another scoring opportunity. Sometimes the most unpredictable sequence of events will result in a much-needed score. Meanwhile, overpowering shots will usually result in the ball sailing wide and most times out of play. The last thing you want is a match filled with what ifs.

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Now we’ll go over finesse. Should one of your players approach from a tight angle and you notice the ball on his or her strongest foot, press either R1 or RB to launch into a finesse shot. This player will strike the ball using the inside of his or her foot, resulting in sidespin and a wider angle to pass around the keeper; if done correctly, the ball will go towards the furthest corner of the net. It works best when the player runs horizontal to the goalkeeper’s face, allowing for maximum curve on the ball. You may also catch the keeper napping outside of the goal. If you notice a keeper cheating the angle of a shot when you are outside the box, fill the power meter to three bars with finesse activated and hit a high curving shot over his hands into the far post upper 90.

Obviously, the other club’s keeper won’t fall asleep as often as you’d like. The opposing AI will sometimes position this player five to 10 meters in front of you. When this occurs, put the ball on the ground. Press the shoot button and you’ll attempt a ground shot on goal away from the keeper’s body. Go with this approach to make goals from close range. 

Remember football is a team game. Be on the lookout for fellow teammates when on the attack. Sure, you may occasionally pull off a goal from range, but identifying open and/or streaking teammates on the pitch may produce superior angles and chances to send the ball to areas of the net the keeper cannot reach. Use FIFA 16’s Passing with Purpose feature by pressing R1 or RB when moving across the box. This will let you take advantage of wide openings. 

To recap: 

  • Rely on finesse shots whenever a player approaches from the corners of the box and tight angles.
  • Quickly press the shoot button to attempt a ground goal when  close to the net.
  • In terms of power, less is more. You will create scoring opportunities if the ball rebounds off the post, the goalie or another player.

Armed with these tips and the desire to improve through practice, you’ll eventually dominate the competition in FIFA 16.

Now that you know how to score goals, make sure you choose the best clubs and greatest players in FIFA 16.

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