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How to Save in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

Just Cause 4 is now available and players can dive into Rico Rodriguez’s latest adventure of chaos, destruction and mayhem. There’s a lot of new features to look forward to in the latest installment of the series, but many players diving into the country of Solis are curious what they need to do to save the game in Just Cause 4. This article will touch on the save system that Just Cause 4 uses, as well as go over everything you need to know to save your game in Just Cause 4.

How to Save in Just Cause 4

Given how much freedom there is to explore and destroy the world in Just Cause 4, it can be easy to lose track of your progress and keep up with all the story threads you’ve started in Just Cause 4. If you’re worried about your save game overwriting something, or just curious how to save the game manually, then you’re going to find yourself a wee bit disappointed as Just Cause 4 does not appear to offer any kind of manual saving mechanics.

Unfortunately, Just Cause 4’s save system seems to be based solely on autosave, which means players aren’t able to manually save their game or load into manual saves. This might make it difficult if you’re trying to pull off big stunts without messing them up, but those worried about losing any kind of progression can rest easy knowing that the game autosaves quite a bit, making it easy to rely on the autosave function to keep track of where you are in the game’s story and world.

You can see when the game is autosaving thanks to a small icon that appears on the screen during a mission or after you increase the level of your Army of Chaos. As we said above, the autosave function kicks in quite often, so you won’t have to worry about losing any kind of progress should your game crash for any reason whatsoever.

Now that you know how to save in Just Cause 4, make sure you head back over to our Just Cause 4 guide for more helpful content like how to tether so you can combo explosions together and gain a higher Chaos Score.


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