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How to Refuel the V3S Truck with a Jerry Can in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

After taking some time off from DayZ to get acquainted with H1Z1, we decided to take a trip back to Chernarus the other day, only to find that the V3S truck was now spawning all over the place. While there aren’t quite enough trucks for everybody, there are enough that players can expect to cut down on the amount of walking they do.

With the truck fired up and the volume lowered to avoid blowing out our eardrums, we headed north. Well, we headed northwest, but that’s not likely a big surprise to anyone. The problem that we ran into, however, was that our truck was low on gas, and eventually it ran out completely. As luck would have it, we found a Gasoline Canister (or Jerry Can as it’s often referred to) that was already somewhat full.

Unsure of how to add fuel to the truck, or whether we could even add more fuel to the Jerry Can, we hit up Google. The results were not good. It seemed that nobody had figured this out, or at least nobody could agree on whether or not they’d figured it out. Arguments on forums about how to glitch the Jerry Can into one’s backpack, or the truck itself were common and not the least bit helpful. For that reason, we decided that the only solution was to figure this out for ourselves, then tell the rest of the survivors who were undoubtedly going through the same nonsense. After a long introduction, here’s everything players need to know about refueling the VS3 Truck in DayZ.

Jerry Cans in DayZ can be found in Sheds.

Where to Find the Jerry Can in DayZ

Look inside of sheds. These are commonly found behind or beside houses, or next to other industrial structures. It’s a rare item, so expect to be let down more often than not. Even when players do find the Jerry Can, getting it in their backpacks will be impossible without either an empty Hunter Backpack or empty Mountain Backpack. This means that players will have to carry it in their hands for the most part, at least until an update allows it to be attached to the truck in some manner.

Add fuel to the V3S truck on the passenger side.

How to Refuel the VS3 Truck with the Jerry Can

This is done by first making sure there is actually fuel in the Jerry can. Players can find this out by bringing up their inventory screens when the Gasoline Canister is in close proximity to them. After that, approach the passenger side of the truck (where the fuel tank is located) with the Jerry Can in hand, then choose the option to Refuel. If players don’t see this, they can use the scroll wheel on their mouse to look for the option, then press the F key on their keyboard to select it.

Refill Jerry Cans at gas stations in DayZ.

How to Add Fuel to the Jerry Can

Assuming that some unselfish soul wants to carry nothing but a Jerry Can in their Hunting Backpack or hands, it can be refilled by visiting one of the gas stations around Chernarus. Once one has been located, approach the pumps with the Gasoline Canister in hand and choose the option to Refill Canister. Just be careful not to shoot the pumps, or let anyone else shoot the pumps when your squad is near them. Don’t believe this could be a problem? Well, watch the video by Jam Jar embedded below.