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How to Reach the First Boss in Rogue Legacy 2

by Lucas White

Despite still being as procedurally-generated as the first game, Rogue Legacy 2 has taken on the ambition of a Metroidvania. That means that while you’re running, jumping, shooting, and slashing your way across so many enemies and hazards, you’re also going to run into forms of gatekeeping. Even the door to the first boss, something you almost never have to work for in this sort of game, has a puzzle blocking your path. And it’s an impressively involved task considering it’s the first one.

Rogue Legacy 2: First Boss Room Puzzle Guide

It’s easy to find the door to the first boss in the Castle area. It’s a massive, ominous-looking door with a pile of bodies next to it, letting you know whatever’s on the other side is thoroughly prepared to ruin your run. But unlike the first game’s readily-available boss doors, this one won’t let you in unless you’ve met certain conditions. If you’re stuck and just trying to get on with it, here’s what you need to do.

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We’ll do this step by step, just in case you really only need a shove in the right direction. To get what you need to open the door, you need to find both of the Heirlooms accessible in the Early Access demo. You’ll find these in rooms designated on your map with an orange candle. Explore the room thoroughly and you’ll find a statue holding an item, Metroid-style. But once you try to grab it you’ll have to use the Heirloom to solve a smaller dungeon before you can leave. The nice thing about these items is they’re permanent; you don’t have to accomplish this all in one run. One Heirloom is  Anake’s Shawl, which gives you the ability to dash with the right trigger. The second is Aesop’s Tome, which allows you to decipher the mysterious messages strewn throughout the Castle. 

Once you have these you can pivot to finding the boss door if you haven’t already. You can now understand the message from the pile of bodies, which will tell you to light the lamps on either side of the door. You can light the lamps with the Downstrike, but you’ll only be fast enough to get both if you airdash between them. Once you get that move down and light both lamps, you’ll be able to open the door and take on Rogue Legacy 2’s first boss, Estuary Lemech.

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