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How to Rank Up Fast In Valorant

by Andrew Smith

With Valorant finally releasing to the public, there are a lot of players that are jumping into the game for the first time and others that have been playing for a while. If you’re planning to play in the competitive/ranked mode, you’ll likely want to know how to rank up fast to increase your standing in the community.

Valorant: How to Rank Up Fast

By far the quickest way to rank up in Valorant is to win competitive/ranked matches. Simply put, the more games you win, the quicker your rank will increase. On the flip side, the more games you lose, the worse your rank is going to get. Individual performance does also play a role in how Valorant determines your rank, but it seems it’d be better to have a mediocre game and get a win than to have a great game and get a loss.

As you continue to increase your ticks in the win column, you’ll see your rank increase. If you’re just starting out, your rank will likely increase quickly at the beginning, but as you reach, it’ll slow down because the criteria to rank up will get more difficult. This is a pretty standard system, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

There are a total of 22 ranks that players can climb to reach the top rank, aptly named Valorant. Further, there are seven ranking tiers, each of which has three levels that players will have to work through to reach the next tier. We’ve listed all the tier’s below so you’ll know how your current rank matches up with what’s available. 

  • Iron (3)
  • Bronze (3)
  • Silver (3)
  • Gold (3)
  • Platinum (3)
  • Diamond (3)
  • Immortal (3)
  • Valorant (1)

At the time of writing, there are no rewards for increasing your rank in Valorant. However, it seems likely that over time, Riot will add in some incentive to increase your rank. But for now, you’ll have to be satisfied with community clout. 

If you’re new to the game, you won’t be able to compete in ranked play quite yet. You’ll need to complete 20 Unranked matches before competitive play is unlocked. Further, once ranked play is unlocked, you will have to complete five placement matches to determine your starting rank. The better you do in these matches (wins and personal performance) the higher starting rank you’ll receive. If you do poorly, don’t worry, there will be plenty of chances to increase your rank afterward!

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Valorant is currently available for download on PC. Before you install it, be sure to check out the download size and system requirements to make sure your rig can handle it. As you begin playing, you’ll earn Valorant and Radianite Points that can be used to purchase different types of skins. If you make a purchase that you regret, you can always refund it as long as it’s unused. 

Have you been enjoying Valorant so far? If so, be sure to check out some of our guides to help you out now that the game is available to everyone.

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