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How to Rank Up Fast in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

If you can, step outside for a moment. Take in a long, deep breath and then slowly let it out. Isn’t the air a little more refreshing than yesterday? Doesn’t it taste a bit sweeter? That’s not the onset of spring you’re experiencing, that’s Titanfall launch day.

Just let that sink in for a moment… Titanfall launch day.

Enjoy this brief moment of peace. It’s the last you’ll get for quite some time. In the weeks and months that lie ahead, you’ll be tasked with ranking up as quickly as possible in Respawn Entertainment’s debut release. Not only can you rank up all the way to level 50, you can then choose to regenerate by entering into the next Generation. All-in-all, that’s 500 possible ranks you’ll need to advance through to reach the maximum level. That’s a tall order, even for the FPS elite. To help you get the edge on the competition, take a look at our tips to help you rank up fast. If you really want to get a running start, pre-order the Prima Games Collector’s Edition Titanfall Guide!

Kill Grunts in Bunches

As one might expect, killing Grunts won’t earn you as many points as killing Pilots or Titans, yet there are enough of them bumbling around the map to make them worth your while. Look out for large groups of these soldiers, rather than individuals. Killing one Grunt is only worth 20 points, which is 80 points less than you get for killing a Pilot. Keep a keen eye out for pods deploying enemy Grunts. This is a great way to rack up a multi-kill with a well-placed grenade. On the other hand, chasing down a single Grunt for a measly 20 points is a waste of time.

The final verdict, treat Grunts as kills of opportunity. If they’re plentiful and in your way, take them out. If you’re in an area full of Titans, Pilots and objectives, go for the big points.

Play the Objective

To give you a little bit of point based context, killing a Pilot will earn you 100 points, while neutralizing and capturing a Hardpoint will give you 200. Sure, killing the enemy is a fundamental part of the game, just not the most fundament part of some game modes. If you’re playing Attrition, killing Grunts, Pilots and Titans is the point, so by all means make that your primary goal. Just make sure you don’t make the age old FPS mistake of turning every game mode into a game of Attrition. Whatever the objective is, play it and you’ll find yourself ranking up much faster than if you don’t.

Complete Challenges

Admittedly, you can’t always plan this one. Check out what challenges you are close to finishing before you start a play session. Completing these can give off a varying amount of points, so we won’t quote exact numbers here. As you might expect, our experience is that smaller challenges will reward you with smaller amounts of points, while large challenges tend to provide bigger pay offs. If a quick look tells you that you’ll earn 5,000 points the next time you Rodeo Kill a Titan (just an example, we are not sure on the point value or challenge details), why not try and knock that one off quickly?

Destroy Titans

It makes sense that the largest adversaries in the game are worth the most points when you kill them. Titans are not that easy to kill, meaning that when you pull it off, you’re rewarded generously with points. Again, depending on how you send a Titan to its doom and even what game mode you do it on, point values will vary. The most obvious ways to kill a Titan involve using another Titan. Besides that, try sneaking up on one and performing a Rodeo Kill. No matter how you pull it off, if you take three or four of these monsters down in a round, you’ll climb through the ranks at lightning speed.

Destroy the Evacuation Ship

For many people, the epilogue is an afterthought. Although we understand why, don’t forget that it’s a great opportunity to add to your point totals for the round. Sure, destroying one evacuation ship won’t make much of a difference, but destroying one every round will make a huge difference. Keep in mind that destroying this ship will take a team effort. Generally speaking, three Titans can destroy it without much trouble at all. Of course, if you don’t have a Titan you can still do your part. Equip your Anti Titan weapon and put as much fire on the evacuation ship as possible. 

Similar to other games, the best way to rank up quickly is to win a lot more games than you lose. That, as we all know, isn’t always within your control. You could have a great game, but if the other five people on your team decide not to pull their weight, there’s only so much you can do. If you play well, chances are you’re already using some of our tips. If you’re not using them, you’re missing out on some easy points and precious time off your next Re-Generation.

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