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How to Raise JP and Level Up Fast in Magikarp Jump

by Josh Hawkins

In Magikarp Jump, your main goal is to complete League matches and beat other trainers by making your Magikarp the best jumper in the world. If you really want to win in each league, then you’re going to need to learn how to level your Magikarp’s JP (Jump Points), which will make it jump higher.  This article will show you the best ways to earn experience and level up your JP fast in Magikarp Jump.

Get Better Food

As you complete matches and achievements in Magikarp Jump, you’re going to earn yourself quite a few coins. One of the best ways to spend these coins is to upgrade your food, and even purchase new food. By upgrading or purchasing new food, you increase the amount of JP that your Magikarp can earn from eating, which will allow you to level them up much more quickly than if you don’t upgrade their food. We’d suggest purchasing a few new food options before you start upgrading, but at some point you should definitely make sure all your food is at least level 2 or 3, to make sure you’re getting the most JP per feeding.

Decorate Your Pond

This next step calls for you to have Diamonds, which can take a while to earn in-game. But, the amount of work that goes into earning them is extremely worthwhile, as it allows you to purchase decorations like the Parasect Puffballs, which give you an increased percentage of JP for each type of different task you complete. Some items will give more JP for completing events, while others will give you more for training, or even feeding your Magikarp. Decorate your pond to make it more enjoyable for your Magikarp, and you could walk away with some nice JP bonuses to boot!

Purchase New Training Items and Upgrade Old Ones

At the start of your journey in Magikarp Jump, you only have two types of training that you can partake in. The Sandbag Slam and the Jump Counter are both perfectly good options when you’re starting out, but as you move up to new generations, you’ll want to pick up some additional training items and even upgrade those old ones. This will increase the amount of JP that you can earn from them, which is definitely something you’ll want to do right away.

If you upgrade your food, purchase new decorations, and upgrade your training items, then you’re going to find your Magikarp earning tons of JP as you level it up. Not only will this make it better in League matches, but it will also help you level it up more quickly, which will let you unlock it’s pattern for your Dex sooner. For more help in Magikarp Jump be sure to take a look at our tips for Magikarp Jump, and keep an eye on our site for updated information and articles to help you become a jumping master.

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