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How to Pre-Register for Identity V on iOS and Android

by Larryn Bell

NetEase Games’ asymmetric horror game Identity V is making its way to iOS and Android very soon, and pre-registration has opened up for those who are interested in playing the upcoming mobile title. However, the pre-registration process is a bit unconventional, as it involves completing a short interactive minigame first. We’ll show you how to complete the pre-registration minigame so that you can add your name to the list to play Identity V as soon as it launches.

How to Pre-Register for Identity V

To sign up for the mobile release of Identity V, start by visiting the Identity V Pre-Registration page. The pre-registration website for Identity V will open with a short bit of writing. Once you press start, you will begin as a detective named Orpheus, who has just woken up in an office with a bit of memory loss. Click the Check Time prompt to begin the pre-registration minigame.

Check Time

Move your cursor to the right side of the screen and find the clock hanging on the wall. Mouse over and select the clock with your cursor and click through the dialogue to reach the next step.

Find the Client’s Letter

Next, look on top the desk for a letter with a red wax stamp. Select the letter and click through the dialogue once more. 

Sending the Letter

When you select the door with the pulsing dot, Orpheus will realize that he has locked himself in. You will need to find the key to unlock the door. Click through the dialogue to move on to the next step.

Find the Key

Orpheus thinks he may have left the key on his hat stand. Click on the hat stand leaning against the sofa on the left side. When you discover the key isn’t there, you’ll have to search the desk next.

There’s no key on the desk, at least not where you can see it. Click on the box of papers sitting behind the photo frame and ink quill. Orpheus will mention reading some books, including one on urban legends.

A question box will appear that says “Check which book.” Your task is to select the book that Orpheus read from the list of titles. Not all of the selections will work, and if you choose the wrong answer, a pop-up prompt will ask you to rethink your selection.

We found that Peril at End House and And Then There Were None both worked as answers, so select one of those two options and click Confirm. This will reveal the key that you are looking for.

Now, all you have to do is submit your email. Exit out of the key display by pressing the X in the upper right corner. A prompt will appear with an invitiation that will allow you to pre-register for Identity V on your mobile platform of choice.

That’s it! Once you have pre-registered for Identity V, you should be notified when the game is available. Identity V is supposed to launch on mobile devices very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for details.

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