How Often Do Vendors Reset Items in Starfield? – Answered

I want one million bullets, and I want them now.

Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk New Atlantis
New Atlantis Trade Authority Kiosk | Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’re planning on keeping your supplies up in Starfield, then the various vendors in the major settlements are going to be your best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without Centaurian Arsenal letting me top up my ammo supplies super often. Do I need to have 500 sniper bullets? Probably not. But I’m going to buy them anyway. If you’re doing the same thing, you may wonder how often you should stop by. Here’s how often vendors reset their items in Starfield.

When Do Vendors Refresh Their Stock in Starfield?

Starfield Amoli Bava Jemison Mercantile
Image via Prima Games.

Vendors in Starfield will reset their items every 24 in-game hours. Very specific vendors like the Ship Services Technician will reset their Credits every 48 in-game hours instead. This leaves you with two options; you can only come back every once in a while, or you can sit down somewhere and use the Wait function to wait 24 in-game hours. Most vendors will have seats in their shops for you to wait at, while others might require you to go find one out in the world.

Alongside resetting items, vendors will also reset their Credit reserves, letting you sell as much as you need without needing to either sell them for lower value or for no money at all. You can see the vendor balance in the top right, with the Trade Authority kiosk and Jemison Mercantile clerk in New Atlantis having 5,000 Credits each.

Should You Use the Wait Function to Reset Vendors?

While one run at a shop will generally do you fine for things like ammo and Med Packs, you should reset if you don’t want to make frequent trips back. The Wait function can take a while to do its thing, but you’ll thank yourself later.

If you’re looking for more specific items, check out our guide on where to buy Med Packs in Starfield.

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