How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

Is it long enough, tho?

Fire Emblem Engage wouldn’t be a real FE game without having its levels separated into their own chapters. It would also feel strange if it lacked the usual tactical combat, characters dying permanently in battles, or the romance options for the characters, but that’s all just a side detail, ain’t I right?

Yeah, I couldn’t be more wrong, but chapters are still important, I assure you. They are an easy way of measuring how far you are into the game and how much longer you’ll have to go through until the end. That is, as long as you know how many chapters the game has, in the first place. So what’s the magic number for this Switch-exclusive entry in the series?

How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem Engage – Answered

There is a total of 26 different Chapters in the game with varying lengths between them. The first few chapters fly by like a breeze while the last ones will take a little bit longer to complete. They are the game’s climax, after all.

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In addition to the 26 main Chapters, you also find 15 Paralogues which you can engage (heh) after unlocking them in the regular story. Those side missions serve as a way to develop some of the characters you meet along the road. They rack up a few extra hours of gameplay but are not necessary to complete it.

The unusually high amount of chapters make up for the fact that the game’s story does not have a different outcome, no matter the options or the main character you choose, differently from titles like Three Houses. Once you did it, it’s over, so don’t rush it and enjoy your game as much as you can. And be prepared as this can (and will) consume a lot of your free time in the next weeks.

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